DPS909 — rc 0.4 — Week 1

For the first week of RC 0.4, I was about to keep working on the internal project from RC 0.3, but unfortunately the project seemed to be inactive. As I mentioned in the previous blog, this PR was kinda important, however it still has not been merged or even fully reviewed. So I had no choice but to find another project to work on.


The new project I changed to is a web application which summarizes Github user’s information and activities in a pretty layout. First impression of the project was that it was well-organized and well-oriented. The structure was already formed, and there were prototypes, clear goals to work on.

Example of a mockup

The core concept

Basically the app will get information from Github API, then parse them and put into well format. However I acknowledged that the project already used another 3rd party library called octokit for that, which was really convenient.

The first issue on this project I was about to work on required to create a component. Taking a look at the code, I saw Bootstrap CSS was included. And since it was using React as the framework, so why not use a component library which combine both Bootstrap and React? react-bootstrap was obviously the option.

That was all the preparation for the following week.