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4 min readDec 31, 2023


What is the PYRIN team working on and what goals have we set for ourselves:

Q4 2023

Web Wallet: The Future of Digital Asset Management

Experience cryptocurrency management at its best with PYRIN Web Wallet. Engineered for speed and security, it blends Rust’s robustness and WebAssembly’s efficiency for a responsive user experience. With a 24-word seed phrase and seamless transition options, your security is our priority.

Accessible from any web browser-enabled device, our wallet integrates seamlessly with online services, putting cryptocurrency management at your fingertips. Operate with complete confidentiality as PYRIN Web Wallet functions client-side, confined to your device. It operates in a secure browser environment, enhancing defense against digital threats.

Supporting easy transfers and management of CLI-based wallets, our Web Wallet ensures a smooth transition.

Beyond storage, PYRIN is an integrated part of your digital life. Using IndexedDB, it provides offline capabilities and efficient data storage for a seamless experience.

Stratum Bridge

The PYRIN Stratum Bridge is specialized cryptocurrency mining software, functioning as a background daemon for various stratum-based miners. It is compatible with miners like lolMiner and SRBMiner, supporting multiple operating systems. The daemon allows dual-mining (simultaneous mining of two cryptocurrencies) and PYRIN-only mining. It is fee-free and includes features like shares-based work allocation, periodic stat output, and an optional monitoring UI through Grafana. Ideal for individuals or groups in cryptocurrency mining, it offers flexibility across different software and operating systems, making it an attractive choice in the mining community.

Listing on a Major CEX (Cryptocurrency Exchange)

We are getting $PYI listed on a major CEX, enhancing liquidity and providing our users easier access to trading. This will also increase visibility and credibility in the market.

Expanding the Team

To support our growth and ensure sustainable development, we’re continuously seeking talented individuals who align with our vision. We’re expanding our team:

  • Sr. Blockchain Engineer (BlockDAG, Golang, Rust, …)
  • Marketing (Content Creation, Socials, …)

Q1 2024

Node Explorer Rollout

Introduction of a node explorer to provide transparency and real-time data regarding network activity. This tool will empower users with insights into transaction history and network health.

White Paper Publication

Our white paper will articulate the project’s philosophy, technological framework, and the strategic approach to solving industry-specific challenges. It will serve as a comprehensive guide for potential investors and users.

Desktop & Mobile Wallet

A secure and user-friendly desktop and mobile application designed for managing cryptocurrencies, providing robust security features, an intuitive interface, and comprehensive transaction capabilities.

More CEX integrations

To strengthen the $PYI accessibility, we are already in negotiations with further top tier exchanges.

Q2 2024

Smart Contract Innovation

A Groundbreaking Shift in Smart Contract Technology Awaits
We are on the brink of unveiling PYRIN Smart Contracts that will mark a new epoch in the world of blockchain technology. This initiative is poised to redefine the boundaries of what Smart Contracts can achieve, blending cutting-edge technical prowess with visionary blockchain applications.

Intriguing Technical Highlights

Revolutionary Contract Architecture: Our platform introduces a novel contract architecture, leveraging advanced algorithms and state-of-the-art data structures. This architecture is designed to optimize performance and scalability in unprecedented ways.

Innovative Interoperability Solutions: We are pushing the limits of interoperability within the blockchain ecosystem. Our project features unique integration protocols that enhance interaction capabilities between diverse blockchain networks.

Cutting-Edge Development Interface: Developers can look forward to an avant-garde interface that combines intuitive design with sophisticated development tools. This interface is the gateway to harnessing the platform’s full potential.

Robust Security Mechanisms: Security is paramount in our project. We’ve integrated a series of advanced encryption techniques and consensus algorithms to ensure unparalleled security and reliability of the contracts.

Eco-Friendly Consensus Protocols: Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our adoption of eco-friendly consensus protocols. These protocols are designed to minimize environmental impact while maintaining high efficiency and speed.

Q4 2024

PAIW: Revolutionizing AI Mining for Tomorrow

PAIW marks a paradigm shift in algorithmic mining, seamlessly integrating it with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Beyond traditional mining, this initiative taps into computational resources to address complex AI challenges.

Strategic Approach and Benefits:

  • PAIW allows miners to earn up to 50% more revenue than with traditional mining.
  • PAIW can help to reduce the carbon footprint of cryptocurrency mining by up to 90%.
  • PAIW transforms mining by channeling computational power to tackle intricate AI problems, pushing scientific boundaries and expanding the mining concept.
  • PAIW offers cost-effective computational resources for AI research, providing affordable access to power for developers and accelerating research efforts.
  • PAIW lowers operational costs for AI developers while diversifying the mining network, creating new growth avenues for miners.
  • PAIW repurposes mining infrastructures for AI problem-solving, promoting sustainable and environmentally conscious computational resource allocation.
  • Beyond a tech initiative, PAIW fosters collaboration between mining and AI communities, encouraging innovation across both fields.

A Future-Focused Vision: PAIW transcends a project; it’s a futuristic vision bridging algorithmic mining and AI research. Join us in reshaping the role of mining in the digital age, contributing to AI advancement and exploring new technological frontiers.


PYRIN, a decentralized Kaspa fork integrated with Blake3, combines BlockDAG and GhostDAG with innovative Smart Contracts, ensuring scalable and instant transactions with low fees and introduces a groundbreaking resource-managing Proof-of-Work (PAIW).

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