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Workout #27: Password Generator

In this exercise, we’re going to create a password-generation function. Actually, we’re going to create a factory for password-generation functions. That is, I might need to generate a large number of passwords, all of which use the same set of characters. (You know how it is. Some applications require a mix of capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols; whereas others require that you only use letters; and still others allow both letters and digits.) You’ll thus call the function create_password _generator with a string. That string will return a function, which itself takes an integer argument. Calling this function will return a password of the specified length, using the string from which it was created; for example

alpha_password = create_password_generator('abcdef')
symbol_password = create_password_generator('!@#$%')
print(alpha_password(5)) # efeaa
print(alpha_password(10)) # cacdacbada
print(symbol_password(5)) # %#@%@
print(symbol_password(10)) # @!%%$%$%%#






Python problems and solutions, follows the text “Python Workout” by Reuven M. Lerner.

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