15 Best Free Resources For Learning Data Science In 2021

Learn The Most In-demand Skill Without Spending a Single Penny

Abhay Parashar
Apr 19 · 4 min read
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Data Science is called the “Most Sexiest Job in 2021”. It is one of the high-paying jobs in the industry right now. The Jobs available for data science are very high and these numbers will rise as time goes. Becoming a data science is not easy also you need to spend so much money to become a certified data scientist. Everyone can’t do that so I came up with 15 free resources to learn data science in 2021.

Note: Numbering Is Just Based On How I Find The Courses While Writing Article. There is nothing like, the First one in the list is best and the last one is worst.

If you have heard a single bit about data science then you must know about Kaggle. It is an open-source platform that can be used to discover different datasets from different domains with solutions from fellow authors. Kaggle also offers many big competitions with a winning price of up to 1 million dollars. They even have their own GPU which you can use for free.

They also have many courses for learning data science for free. You can start with python and go up to deep learning concepts on the same platform for free.

Link: Kaggle Courses

Coursera Courses

There are multiple good courses available on Coursera to learn data science. Most of them are paid courses but still, you can audit all the courses and if you want you can even apply for financial aid to get a certification of the course for free or lesser price.

It is a course provided by Johns Hopkins University and instructed by Jeff leek, Brain Caffo, and Roger D. The Specialization contains a set of 10 courses with high-quality exercises and programming tasks. It also has a capstone project at the end. It is based on R -programming.

Link: Data Science Specialization

This course is provided by IBM. It is one of the best courses available on Coursera for a glimpse of data science. The only backside of this course is that it uses the IBM application to perform most of the programming exercises. You can even apply for financial aid to get the full benefit of the course.

Link: IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

Andrew Ng is the founder of Coursera, Deeplearning.Ai, and Also the leading member of Google Brain. He is one of the best instructors you will ever find to learn about AI. This Machine Learning Course is a good starting point for anyone who is just learned Python and now wants to start their career in the field of ai.

Link: Machine Learning By Stanford

Cognitive class

Cognitive class is formerly known as Big Data University. Their aim is to provide emerging technologies courses for everyone. They also have a virtual lab environment that enables learners to practice as they learn.

This Course will be the best choice for people who just want to get a quick insight into what data science is.

Link: Introduction to Data Science

This Course is more like an introduction to the different tools you have in data science and how to smartly use them. The Course consists of a tutorial on Jupyter notebook, Github, Watson studio, and more.

Link: Data Science Tools

Udacity Courses

It is a free course present in Udacity that offers a basic introduction to data science. It also includes many other topics like data wrangling, data analysis, Visualization, and more. It also has 4 problem statements to let you face real problems.

Link: Intro to Data Science


It is series of 10 courses created by Ram Reddy. The course is detailed and easy to understand for beginners.

Link: Data Science With R


Krish naik is a data scientist with over 12+ years of experience in the field. He has a youtube channel that contains a variety of playlists with over 600 videos related to data science. If you want to learn anything related to data science and AI then one of the best resources for you to learn is its channel.

Link: Krish Naik

This One Doesn’t require an introduction. This Tutorial is a 5 hour and 36-minute tutorial that covers almost everything that you need to know as a data science beginner.

Link: Learn Data Science Tutorial — Full Course for Beginners

This Youtube channel is a full pack for learning data science. They have a playlist that contains many big 4–5 hours and more tutorial videos to learn data science made by professionals.

Link: Learn Data Science

It is also one of the best channels to learn anything related to data science. The Playlist is a data science training playlist that has 13 videos comprised of many different topics.

Link: Data Science Live Training

Other Resources

This course comprises different machine learning concepts like recommendation systems, regression, classification, and many more.

Link: Machine Learning

This one is a boom for data science beginners because it contains everything that you need to get into the field.

Link: Class Material

This Course is provided by UcSanDiego. It consists introduction to pandas, git, matplotlib, and many open-source tools.

Link: Python For Data Science

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