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We Finally Hit 1000 Followers

Thanks To All The Contributing Writers and Amazing Readers

Last Year In December, I Started This Publication Just to have a place where I can share stories without any restrictions. In the first week of the publication, I got a huge response from the readers in terms of reading time and followers. The Pythoneers Crossed 50 Followers In the very first week.

After the first week, everything seems to be slowing down. It barely receives 100–200 visitors per day and just 50–100 minutes of reading time on average. This bad phase keeps going for almost a month. I also started getting Private Notes and messages from different publications to delete my publication and Join them as an editor. I almost said yes to one publication, but then changed my mind, and said no. I want to create something of my own.

From 0 followers to 500 followers, I am the only one who is contributing to the publication. I am the editor and lonely writer of the publication.

The Moment when Publication Crossed 500 Followers, I started Pitching Writers to write for the pythoneers. I pitched around 30 writers. Most of them didn’t give me a reply, some just said no directly. but finally, after a long wait, I found some amazing writers.

dynamic-python-developer(Ray chorn) is the first writer to publish a story with my small publication. He Published 3 consecutive great articles with the pythoneers.

After a Few Weeks and tons of pitches, I Found Five More Amazing Writers Kevin Banfield, Sanjam Singh, Swathi Arun, Jaroslav Šmarda, and Amit Chauhan. All of the published at least 2–3 stories with the pythoneers.

With the help of these writers, 70 published stories, a span of 8 months, and hours of dedication and hard work our Publication finally crossed 1000 followers today.

In the current scenario, The Pythoneers Receives over 1000 visitors, 500–800 minutes of reading time, and around 1500–2000 views per day. At Current, We Publish stories with a 70% Curation rate.

According to my observation, Stories Published In The Pythoneers Combined has earned over $5000 in the short span of 8 months.

At last, I want to thank all the contributing writers and readers that supported the publication and still supporting it.

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