Production-ready Flask framework in Action

Anand Tripathi
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13 min readNov 11, 2022


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Note: Checkout the link if you want to clone the barah template. — It is the template for a perfect flask structure that is very much needed but not provided by flask as a whole.

If we are starting a company or joining a startup we tend to build the application on Flask as it is lightweight(bare minimum) and it's very easy/fast to do some POC on Flask. For those who don’t know about flask let me add some quoted text for them

Flask is a web framework that makes it simple to create web apps. Its core is compact and simple to extend; it is a micro-framework without an ORM (Object Relational Manager) or similar functionality.

All in all, Flask is a micro framework that is used to build a web application, so it is giving all the possibilities to the developer to manage the application as they want and there is no restriction. And this leads to messy and sometimes the best practices and principles are compromised.

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In this blog, I’m trying to give you a structured flask application with some basic necessary libraries, and also at the end of the project, I will share a GitHub template link for…