From forcing keyword arguments to anonymous functions

1. Forced Keyword Arguments

  • You’re not forced into a particular order in which you supply your arguments. The name matters — not the position.
  • Keyword arguments provide clarity. Without looking up the function itself, you can often guess what the argument is used for by looking at the names.

A handpicked list of the most useful and surprising Python packages from PyPI

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1. Dash

If you’re stuck at home, now is the time to polish your skills

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1. Create a game


6 tips to keep your body and mind healthy during this pandemic

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1. Get Enough Quality Sleep

YAML is easy to write for humans and easy to read by computers

Why use YAML with Python?

Using the subprocess library the right (and safe) way

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  • Learn the basics about processes and sub-processes
  • Use the Python subprocess module to safely execute external commands
  • Capture the command’s output
  • Feed a command with input from standard in
  • Look into running shell commands
  • Learn about critical security considerations when running external commands

1. Processes and subprocesses

And all the reasons why they are wrong

1. Indentation instead of curly braces

What is it, when to use, with Python example code

  • What Bloom filters are
  • Why and when you can use a Bloom filter

Bloom filter in Python

With the full source code so you can build one yourself too

Our bot playing music on Discord — Image by author

A quick overview of Visual Studio Code and its features

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What is an IDE?

Python Land

Start learning Python — companion to

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