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Q Testnet “Fischer” Is Live!

Today, Q’s new testnet “Fischer” was launched. It is the sixth testnet of the Q protocol and succeeds the “Eckert” testnet.

The codebase of the new testnet now is now fully in synch again with the codebase of Q’s recently launched mainnet.

The main changes compared to the previous version are the addition of the root node selection expert panel, a more resilient decentralized smart contract upgradability as well as various smaller UI improvements and bug fixes.

For those of you who have been following Q, you will already know that there is a naming tradition around Q’s testnets: The development team chooses names of inventors that have made important contributions in their respective field but are not as widely known as we feel they should be.

The current testnet was named after Artur Fischer, a prolific inventor who accumulated more than 1.000 patents during his lifetime. He is probably best known for inventing the wall plug.

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artur_Fischer#/media/File:Pluggen_4-14_mm.png

Today, Fischer’s inventions are used in many different fields, from building materials to photography to medical technology. And for those of you who already had an interest in engineering or technology as a kid, there is a good chance that you played with “fischertechnik” construction toys in your childhood.

So, in the spirit of ingenuity and creativity that people like Fischer represent, let’s go and experiment with Q’s new testnet!

Below you can find the main links to the Fischer testnet:

Docs: https://docs.qtestnet.org

dApp UI: https://hq.qtestnet.org

Block explorer: https://explorer.qtestnet.org

Faucet: https://faucet.qtestnet.org/<walletaddress-to-be-funded>/




Q combines the benefits of a public, open and decentralized ledger with the transparency of enforceable private contracts. Whether you want to interact with other businesses, build decentralized applications or simply send and receive tokens: Q is for you.

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