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Do Math Socially: The Mathathon

The Boerdijk-Coxeter Helix, formed purely out of regular tetrahedra, not discovered until the 1950s.
  • Participants to be able to contribute to real problems whose solution is currently unknown, not simple exercises,
  • Participants to experience working on teams on real problems,
  • The whole mathathon to cooperate in exploring a specific area, in order to emphasize not individual achievement, but group progress, and
  • Others to be able to learn from our experience to host other mathathons in the future.
A plane-filling spiral of triangles
  • The solutions to the problems we list,
  • Precisely how hard they are,
  • Whether they will be of interest to anyone,
  • Whether this mathathon will succeed in solving a single one, or all of them.



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Robert L. Read

Public Inventor. Founder of Public Invention. Co-founder of @18F. Presidential Innovation Fellow. Agilist. PhD Comp. Sci. Amateur mathematician.