Lots to Leave Behind in 2017, but Much to Keep and Expand with Math Education

At the end of 2016, I declared that 2017 will be big for Math Education and I was correct. It is now time to take many of these ideas and expand upon them for 2018 as we continue to change the landscape of how we teach and learn mathematics.

1. The Global Math Project exceeded all expectations of reaching one million students during Global Math Week in October of last year as more than two million students were reached and exposed to brilliant Exploding Dots. At last count, over 3,500,000 participants have learned about the “machines” that can transform the way we think and learn mathematics. The work is just beginning as this worldwide adventure can soon reach the levels of Code.org and their extraordinary reach. The time is right to create Uplifting Mathematics for All!

2. The continuation and growth of the Q.E.D. blog. 2017 saw the creation of this blog with the goal to “reimagine the learning and teaching of mathematics.” The editors are Junaid Mubeen and Sunil Singh and there are about twenty writers for the blog. My favorite post of 2017 is Grades are for Onions, Beef, and Other Produce; Not Children. This Q.E.D. collaboration can and will grow this year with the reach, posts, and writers.

3. The development of playful mathematics. Why is there a negative connotation associated with playing and mathematics? Math is Play and we should be encouraging this behavior in classrooms. Part of play is games and Albert’s Insomnia and Prime Climb are two of the best! It is time to allow children to Just Play and I am confident that the results will be everlasting!

Happy New Year! Let’s continue these ideas and create new ones to grow and unify mathematics education.

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