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The beauty of mathematics is not obvious…but we can make it so

Where Paul Erdös got it wrong

An attempt to bring ‘The Book’ into being (source)

It is as if you can hear [the popularisers of mathematics] saying, “Look, I did not decide to put all my passion aside, and study a lifeless, soulless, non-creative set of machine rules! Mathematics sparked curiosity, pleasure, passion, and yes JOY and Creativity in me. Let’s show this to children, and not bury the good stuff behind mindless stuff.”

Contrast this desire to enlighten others with the arrogant declarations of Erdös. It is the humble maths educator who assumes responsibility for sharing the beauty of mathematics with others. Realising that mathematical beauty is to be experienced, they champion inclusive pedagogies that afford all students a taste of mathematics proper. Erdös has more in common with the obstinate pedagogue who insists knowledge acquisition is the sole ingredient of mathematical development.



Reimagining the learning and teaching of mathematics

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