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We created this publication to give a platform to the wonderful ideas and people positively shaping the landscape of mathematics education.

Q.E.D. denotes the Latin phrase quod erat demonstrandum, “what was to be demonstrated”, and signifies the end of a mathematical proof; a statement that carries within it eternal truth. We would like to hear your own truths, with just two conditions: first, you share our passion for pushing mathematics education to a new frontier — whether as learners or educators. Second, you have a unique perspective that is well reasoned and articulated.

Q.E.D. may also stand for questioning every dogma; do not be afraid to challenge the status quo and inspire our community with visions of what mathematics education can become.

The selection of articles already available in Q.E.D. should give you a taste of the wide range of topics we want to give a home to.

We look forward to discovering your writing, and to seeing Q.E.D. grow into a global community of passionate and inspired math(s) educators.

Junaid and Sunil

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