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Tyler Scott Ward
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5 min readMar 22, 2022


Q is on a mission to build a DeFi war room and ecosystem that generates immense alpha. We’re excited to give you an inside look at what we are building and why it’s crucial for DeFi to grow.


  • Q builds bleeding-edge integrations between DeFi protocols to create opportunities for alpha not available anywhere else.
  • Q makes managing positions across chains and multiple wallets a breeze.
  • Q gives you proactive alerts and guidance on your open positions.
  • Q uncovers and prioritizes opportunities so you can deploy capital with confidence.
  • Q is simple enough for people new to DeFi, yet powerful enough for institutions.
  • Q is backed by blockchain veterans with a track record of building secure, scalable, and decentralized infrastructure.

What problems is DeFi facing?

Even with DeFi growing past $106Bn in 2021, it’s still a niche market in the grand scheme of things. There are too many choices and decisions to make on where and how to deploy your capital.

This fragmentation leads to missed opportunities across the myriad of platforms and chains available. It’s near impossible to keep up with the rapid pace at which new products and changes in yields hit the market.

For DeFi to gain mainstream adoption, users also need proactive guidance on how to manage their open positions. If the health factor of one of your positions begins to drop rapidly, you need a way to be alerted about it and understand options on how to address it.

Tack on the difficulty of managing multiple wallets, and it’s easy to see why DeFi is perceived as being risky and complicated.

So here are the core problems that Q is working to solve:

  1. Keeping up with available opportunities is tedious and ever-changing.
  2. DeFi lacks proactive guidance to manage open positions.
  3. DeFi lacks risk assessment scores for available opportunities.
  4. Managing assets across chains and multiple wallets is hard.

How will Q improve and optimize DeFi?

Q is engineering a central command center where DeFi will thrive without friction. Far more than a dashboard, we are building integrations that will help you deploy capital with confidence.

Command center

Consistently finding the best APRs in an industry that moves at the speed of light is time-consuming and inefficient. You need a way to uncover, assess risk, and prioritize. That’s where Q will shine.

Build, manage, and optimize your entire portfolio with ease. Q is simple enough for people new to DeFi, yet powerful enough for institutions. We offer a world-class user experience that wraps cross-chain opportunities in a package that’s easier to use than a spoon.

Bleeding-edge integrations

The sheer strength of Q lies in custom-built integrations and strategies not available anywhere else. We are crafting entirely new DeFi products to grow portfolio value by fusing offerings from other well-audited protocols.

Tailored guidance and alerts

Never miss a beat again. If an open position requires your immediate attention, Q will give you proactive alerts to ensure you’re on top of your game. We plan to take the guesswork out of DeFi so you don’t feel paralyzed by endless choices and decisions that need to be made.

NFT portfolio tracking

As the lines between DeFi & NFTs continue to blur, Q will help you track NFT transactions across different chains and collections. Get a comprehensive view of your NFT investments and value.

Multiple wallet management across chains

Say goodbye to the complexities of managing assets in multiple wallets. Q will make overseeing your positions across chains look easy. Behind the scenes, we are building a state-of-the-art infrastructure designed to scale.

We are Q

The Q team has founded groundbreaking DAO-first products including BarnBridge, Universe, EnterDAO, FIAT DAO, and LeagueDAO. Leveraging this deep expertise, we’re building a central command center that makes DeFi more accessible and optimized for mass adoption.

  • Tyler Ward, Co-Founder
  • Troy Murray, Co-Founder
  • Christian Crowley, COO
  • Stuart Hunter, CTO
  • Pavlo Bendus, Operations
  • Vitalik Cherniak, Operations
  • Olexiy Buyanskyi, Backend Dev
  • Kostia Stepakh, Frontend Dev
  • Sergii Ivzhenko, Backend Dev
  • Trevor Latson, DevOps

In addition to these core contributors, Q will work closely with the following advisors:

  • George Spasov, Advisor
  • Max Fiege, Advisor

We’re looking for new additions to our team who share our core values and want to help build the next generation of digital asset management. So if our moat excites you as well, let’s talk.

Q work in progress

Transparency is one of our core values and we plan to continue building in public in the weeks, months, and years to come.

There are three core items we are currently focused on building:

  • BarnBridge SMART Yield v2
  • BarnBridge DAO upgrade onto Optimism
  • The Q command center

BarnBridge is one of the initial DAOs we are working with and are deeply vested in helping them succeed. Our work on SMART Yield is the first of many integrations on the roadmap. Q’s goal is to continue building new products that will enrich the upcoming command center and ecosystem.

Here is where we currently stand in the journey:

Q4 2021:

  • Market research and gathering feedback from end-users.
  • Roadmap planning for initial product integrations, including BarnBridge and FIAT DAO.
  • Hiring engineering talent.
  • Q command center ideation and roadmap planning.

Q1 2022 (in progress):

  • Finalized development spec and sprints for BarnBridge DAO upgrade onto Optimism.
  • BARN tokenomics design and BOND transition plans.
  • Finalizing Q command center iterations and sprints.

Buckle your seat belt Dorothy, ’cause Kansas is going bye-bye. We’re excited to have you go deep down the DeFi rabbit hole on this journey with us.

Come join us on Discord and follow us on Twitter.



Tyler Scott Ward