United States Crypto Friendly Congressional Candidates: Senate and House

Tyler Scott Ward
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2 min readAug 25, 2022


This Resource is Provided by Q.xyz

This is simply a list of the most crypto friendly US Senators and House members with their donation links and contact information. These names were given by industry leaders such as Robert Leshner, Andrew Keys, Tyler Ward, Neeraj Argawal, Vance McDonald and more. This is an ongoing document that will be updated continuously by the Q.xyz team and the industry leaders mentioned.

The only way to be heard is to donate and email or call your Senators or House members TODAY! We have gathered everything you will need into one place so that going down the list is easy for you.

We have included donation links, crypto donation links (if applicable), EMail contact forms, Washington D.C. Office numbers and Twitter handles for each member listed.

When donating please list your Employer as your legal employer but put your OCCUPATION as “crypto.” If the senator you are donating to does NOT have a box you can fill in which gives you a place to specify what your donation is for crypto, please email your representative to let them know. Otherwise it won’t be attributed to crypto.

Individual Contributions are $2900.00 or if you file as a joint (meaning you’re married or file a joint tax return) you may donate $5800.00 but the account you donate from must be a joint account with both names on the account. You are either one or the other, you can not do both.

If you would like to donate more than your maximum personal donation, you can donate to Coin Center.

Crypto is about community and here we can come together as one community and make a difference. Donate today and thank you to anyone and everyone who contributes! 🇺🇸

Note: Some house members’ contact pages only allow residents from their district to reach out to them via contact form.