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Facebook Research Team is working with the same principle which powers quantum-resistant QAN blockchain: lattices

Facebook Research team is working with the same principle as QANplatform

Facebook Research published Cupcake repo on GitHub on 23 March 2021.

Cupcake is an efficient Rust library for the (additive version of) Fan-Vercauteren homomorphic encryption scheme, offering capabilities to encrypt vectors, add/subtract two encrypted vectors, and rerandomize a ciphertext.” — stated on the Cupcake repo.

  • Rust programming language: the most loved lang by developers
  • Lattice cryptography principle: 3 of 4 NIST finalists are lattice-based

What is Rust lang?

The module of Facebook Research is written in Rust programming language. According to 2020 Developer Survey from Stack Overflow: Rust has taken the top spot as the most loved programming language since five years in a raw ahead of TypeScript, Python.

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What are Lattices?

“Lattices are complex mathematical structures that can be obscure data. On their own, lattices are not quantum-resistant. Fortunately, they can be employed to create quantum-proof cryptosystems. Lattices have a number of features that make them capable of achieving this feat. Namely, they can execute strong security reductions and can support effective and efficient key exchanges as well as digital signatures. Additionally, lattices are able to support more complex features like full homomorphic encryption. Within the NIST PQC submissions, Kyber and Dilithium are the cryptosystems that rely on lattices.” — as written in our blog post: Creating A Quantum-Proof Future

“The recognition of lattice primitives in academia and industry is undeniable, even if the NIST standard ends up being code-based lattices will be a main driving force of future cybersecurity” — Silur, Co-founder and Head of Cryptology at QANplatform

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What is QANplatform?

QANplatform is the Quantum-resistant hybrid blockchain platform. Build your software applications like DApps or Defi and run business processes on blockchain in 5 minutes with QANplatform. QAN is the fastest blockchain to install and deploy to cloud platforms like Amazon AWS or Linode Cloud.



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