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Monthly Digest — March Issue

Platform News (brought to you by Silur)

Pheeeew. Covid fandingo huh?

Being coders with freelancing backgrounds made us think moving fulltime home office is not a big deal…

Well, that was solo freelancing. It’s surprisingly harder to coordinate a gitflow online than… a WoW raid.

Despite that we made progress which I’ll try to summarize here.

We made sanity check fixes around balances on the NATS-based network. The pubkey-calculation misery was solved by a nonce check so all 0-nonce transactions include a new pubkey field now.

We had a review request for the private network so we made some cosmetic changes on the stating product. Fixed a trivial DB bug where we mixed up two descriptors ^^”

As we also entered into advanced negotiations for an integrator party, a new feature in our cryptographic layer fence was researched and implemented and we are working on to directly integrate to the subject party.

The Virtual machine also needed some additional sanity checks and we expect to need even more, which I hope is likely the last bulk of “TODO” before we can launch the testnet.

Team News

Besides the regular (and pleasant) challenges teams have to face in their work, in March COVID-19 surprised us with a new one, namely with having to work from home offices.

We successfully restructured all of our operations and the team made a smooth transition to remote work. This enables us to continue progressing with the QAN project without difficulties.



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QANplatform is the Quantum-resistant Layer 1 hybrid blockchain platform.