Benefits of Car Leasing

To lease a car or buy a car — this is a dilemma that you have faced at some point or the other. The benefits of car leasing in Qatar are many. Read on for more on the pros of car leasing and cons of buying:

• We all know that buying a car is for many a status/prestige symbol. However, most of us fail to look at the utility angle. The value of a car depreciates and does not appreciate with time. Also, buying a car is an expensive affair. Even if you look at the financing options and manage to buy one, you may need to spend on maintenance and upgradation of your car.

• If you borrow heavily for a swanky car, you may have to arrange for heavy EMIs and down payments. In such a scenario, leasing a car is a much better option.

• The major advantage of leasing is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on the car. You merely have to pay for the car for a stipulated period and move on.

• The initial cost is also low when you compare it with the price of a brand new car. The payment term is shorter, as also the amount required to be paid.

• The best way to experience the sights and sounds of a city/country is by driving through the region. Have you ever considered car leasing in Qatar so you can experience driving on the highways such as Doha Expressway, Dukha Highway, F-Ring Road, Salwa Highway or Lusail Expressway?

• The best part of the whole car leasing experience is that you can return it to the leasing firm, and choose another vehicle at the end of your contract. This way, you can experience driving in different cars!

• When you lease a car, you are leasing it in the car’s peak form in terms of performance, so you experience it at its very best. When you buy too, the car’s peak performance is during the same stretch, and it starts to lose its touch from there on. It makes better financial sense to lease rather than buy in this context.

• If you are an expat or a visitor to Qatar for a year or so and not beyond that, you wouldn’t want to spend resources on buying a car and selling it off when you move out. It is then more convenient to lease one.

• Also, if you and your family have just moved to Qatar, you will reap the benefits of leasing because you can save on heavy down payments at a time when you are just settling down and may need the money for other things.

The concept of leasing cars is catching on in the Middle-East, and especially Qatar, thanks to the presence of a large expat population in the region. Qatar sees a lot of visitors arriving on official year-long assignments or those intending to settle down in the country for the opportunities it provides. It is this chunk of the population that is going to further accelerate the boom in firms that are into car leasing in Qatar.

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