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HODL — The spiritual journey of a digital generation

I jumped on the crypto train relatively late, somewhere in the mid of December 2017, when BTC and an entire fleet of altcoins were flying to their record heights.

I was aware of Bitcoin since its beginning. Although I liked the idea of cryptocurrency, I didn’t go into it because it seemed to me like an entirely new world, with mining, cryptography, and other geeky terminology. I’m quite tech-savvy, but that was a step too much for me at that moment. It was truly just for pioneers and very early adopters.

I had few attempts to buy BTC, though, in 2014 and 2015, but I didn’t follow through for various reasons. No regrets though, everything comes to us when we are ready, and I clearly wasn’t.

I came to the internet world quite late, in 2006; before that, I didn’t even own a computer, and one of the first people I followed religiously for tech news was Michael Arrington, founder of Tech Crunch.
I find his writing and insights superb, and in November 2017, one of his tweets (or actually from his fund) sent me on a crypto journey, literally overnight.

Before that tweet, I was unaware of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, with thousands of coins on the market growth for years. I was instantly attracted to Ripple because they believed that change in the financial world has to come within the system and not in some parallel, unregulated currency, which Bitcoin fundamentalists are hoping BTC to be.

After that tweet, I started to research the entire crypto topic, learning the terminology, and very soon came across to HODL movement. For those who don’t know the origins of this term, please check this post.

I found the whole HODL idea mesmerising and 100% appealing to me. In my circles, people know me as a tech & spiritual guy. I try to combine both worlds, I read about and test a lot of online tools which can help me run my business better, but at the same time, I learn and practice various spiritual techniques, like qigong and meditation. I’m also an expert in Chinese Astrology methodology, called BaZi; recently, we launched a new website around that topic, called Talent Hero.

In everything I do, I somehow try to combine both of these worlds, technology and spirituality. It seems like an odd combination, but for me, these two things complement each other. Constant usage of the internet and online tools puts a lot of pressure on our wellbeing, so I’m grateful to have simple, natural tools to help me balance that.

HODL — My spiritual journey

The idea of HODL is to buy cryptocurrency you believe in and HOLD it for a very long time until its value increases multiple times. This idea is very much the opposite of day trading, where people buy stocks and securities and trade them regularly, trying to gain profits in a short amount of time. I find day trading extremely stressful. Although I was relatively successful, I was not too fond of the stress that trading imposes on me. I found myself continually checking charts and looking for opportunities. When I enter the trade, my brain starts creating various scenarios of what might go wrong, so I spend several hours in front of the computer, worrying about my money.

Not my thing. No matter how much money I might earn, I’m not paying it with my health and nerves.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours with various spiritual teachers in China, Tibet, New Zealand, Australia, USA… and almost every teaching in its essence is about learning how to not involve in problems, how to empty your mind and do nothing, for as long you can.

HODL-ing is the first business practice I came across so far, which implements most of these methods. You do your research, collect funds, and buy the crypto, which you believe will perform well in the long term. Once you buy it, there is not much one can do. You might follow the news and encourage others to join you, but that’s about it. Once you buy it, the situation is pretty much out of your hands.

Those who practice meditation will recognize how familiar the HODL method is with our daily relaxation practice. Once you sit down to relax, the goal is to do nothing. We fight off negative thoughts, which in crypto we call FUD. We resist the desire to get up and stretch; in crypto, this is equivalent to going short of gaining extra profit. We keep relaxing as long as possible to reach a more profound state of peace, which in crypto means the longer we stay in, the more likely the price to go up.

I’ve been HODL-ing now for almost three months, and except for few switches between coins in the early days, I do not sell, and I don’t have a plan to do that, not until I reach a minimum goal which is a 1.000% return on my portfolio. But I will likely go for higher profits on some coins.

It might take a while, a year, two, maybe even longer, but the good part is that I don’t have to do anything. I moved all my crypto to cold wallets, I don’t trade, except with small amounts for fun, and I’m not concerned about daily price ups and downs.

There are millions of people out there, learning how to be patient, waiting for those returns. Please don’t get fooled, though, that HODL-ing is easy; it is one of the hardest things ever. You will be tempted hundreds of times to do something stupid with your stash, and it will require a massive amount of self-discipline to remain calm, while seemingly, the whole market is going down in flames.

Learning how to be patient is a precious lesson. In the last few decades, since consumerism took off globally, we forgot the importance of patience. We forgot how important it is to build trust and work together for the same goal and not expect to get rich overnight, with minimum effort and no lessons learned.

Mainstream religious institutions lost their credibility a long time ago through various scandals and being out of touch with ordinary people. Still, it seems that younger generations are not giving up those core values, and they found the first step to their enlightenment, which is HODL.

It was a silly idea that started as a joke, but with enough power now to change people’s perception of the world itself.




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