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Below are ideas to spread positive energy all around.

Keep a container or ziplock bag labeled, “Kindness Kit” and stock it with blank postcards, ‘thank you’ and other greeting cards. Include a few pens, and extra stamps too! Also fill your kit with these ideas and choose an idea from the Kindness Kit each day to perform. Make Kindness Kits for others, they make great gifts! :)

Ideas for Acts of Kindness

  1. Send a postcard, greeting card, or a Thank You to somebody. Craft your own postcards from cereal boxes.
  2. Find out a supply that a local facility of your choice needs. Next time you’re out shopping, pick up the supply and drop it off at their facility.
  3. Surprise co-workers, a teacher, church personnel, your postal carrier, a secretary, a nurse’s station, military, or first responders with something special that shows you appreciate their work.
  4. Send a coloring page to a small child.
  5. Be uncharacteristically spontaneous with someone.
  6. Paint, or write with permanent marker, one-word inspirational words on rocks and give them out.
  7. Choose to hear someone out when you otherwise would not. Take a day and listen more often than you speak.
  8. Schedule time for a walk in nature.
  9. Allow yourself a day to either sleep in or go to bed earlier than you normally would… or do BOTH! :)
  10. Gift a good book to someone.
  11. Take 30 minutes and declutter a space you’ve been meaning to give attention to.
  12. Pay the person’s bill who is in line behind you at the drive-thru.
  13. Purchase lemonade from a child’s lemonade stand.
  14. Recognize the beautiful things that exist all around you and take time to give thanks.
  15. Give compliments to others (and yourself too!)
  16. Make a conscious effort to think positive thoughts and speak positive peaceful words.
  17. Reminisce with someone.
  18. Do something with a loved one that brings you laughter — watch a comedy, read a joke book together, visit, watch YouTube kitten videos.
  19. Send a care package to someone.
  20. Fix something that is broken, whether it belongs to you or belongs to someone else.
  21. Leave little encouraging and inspirational messages in random places. Bathroom mirror, dresser drawer, in a loved-one’s car, in a child’s lunch box, inside the pages of a book, in the mailbox, in the breakroom, on a community board.
  22. Leave extra quarters at the laundromat.
  23. Invite someone for dinner.
  24. Offer help to someone elderly you know. Often times a simple gesture that comes easy to us means the world to them.
  25. Give extra care to an animal — spoil your pet a little extra today, donate a needed item to an animal shelter, give a pet treat or gift to a friend’s pet.
  26. Make needed amends with someone, be humble and give a sincere apology, ask for forgiveness and forgive them too.
  27. Finish an unfinished project whether it is yours or helping someone else with theirs.
  28. Carry extra of that one item people often ask you for. Ex) chapstick, a pen, hairties, bandaids, a nailclipper, quarters, breathmints…
  29. Celebrate a victory by doing something special. Whether the victory is big or small, your own, a team victory, or someone else’s victory, it does not matter, CELEBRATE IT! :)
  30. Do something for the first time. It can be anything, on your own or with others :)

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