How to Take a Walk in Nature and Bring Out the Best in You.

There is nothing more powerful than being in the present, being in now. Most times, we cannot help but either stay put in the past or roam in the future. We believe that experience matters a lot but we, at times, tend to get stuck while going over past experiences, especially the negative ones.

Why We Get Stuck in the Past or the Future

Goals, dreams, and desires get us wandering in the future we have not seen; future we always try to draw and plan both mentally and on paper. We do neglect the present (now) because according to the article, Your Relationship “Love” Has Not Died, Rather This Is What Might Have Happened, it is hard for us to desire what we already have. Thus we prefer the past (that is gone) and the future (that is yet to come). This article, Why NOW is the Best Time explains the importance of NOW.

Ways to Take a Walk in Nature

There are many ways to come to the present, to be in NOW: meditation, yoga, Tai chi, prayers, etc. here is a unique way I termed “taking a walk in nature”. It involves connecting with nature and your environment. I have practiced these and they really feel good though sometimes my mind would wander. If it wanders off, all I do is to gently bring back the mind and continue.

  1. Smell the flowers and plants and things around.
  2. Observe patterns of nature’s arrangement of trees, plants and other vegetation. Also trace the pattern of buildings and objects around you.
  3. Feel the texture of things and surfaces around: soft flowers, the wind, clothes, table surfaces, etc.
  4. Listen to the voice of nature, of birds, of animals and even passing cars.
  5. Make observation of people’s face, focusing on their expressions. This may be a little hard and weird but do not be surprised the result: people’s faces say a lot. Do not forget to smile if you make eye contact with them.
  6. Watch your breath as you inhale and exhale. Try to control both and count them. Do the same to your footsteps and any other seemingly involuntary actions.

Researchers have found that people connect with each other (especially falling in love) by making a sustained gaze into each other’s eyes.

Constantly following this “presencing” methods can improve your creative abilities. One beautiful thing is that being in the present can heal the past and make the future clearer!

Do you have any additions to how to walk in nature? Feel free to comment them.

Take a look at the articles: Your Relationship “Love” Has Not Died, Rather This Is What Might Have Happened and Why NOW is the Best Time.

Originally published at on July 18, 2017.