QiDao General Update — November

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Recent Partnerships

Upcoming Partnerships

Tech Updates

Price chart and liquidation line

Vault manage pages now show collateral asset price history.

A blue line now appears on the collateral’s price chart indicating the point at which liquidations will occur for vaults.

An orange line will also show the projected new liquidation line when inputting new borrow amounts.

Farm page

Link: https://app.mai.finance/farm

The farm page now shows almost all yield opportunities for MAI. This includes farms as well as single-sided deposits on lending protocols. We’re using Defillama to help aggregate these opportunities. Please keep in mind that most of these are external opportunities, so do your own research before making deposits.

Admin dashboard

This dashboard automates several operational tasks. This paves the way for further operational automations as well as a timelock implementation. Automations:

Peg Performance

MAI has continually become less volatile. Its volume has also increased. Both of these trends are in contrast to MAI’s peer stablecoins.

*benchmark: YUSD, OUSD, MUSD, DOLA, alUSD


General Comments

Revenue has varied depending on price movements in collateral assets. On weeks when collateral prices fall, more repayments are typically seen. This source of revenue needs to be supplemented by alternatives. Below are two options the DAO has been discussing.

Interest-bearing collaterals

The current strategy to increase revenue is to add interest-bearing assets as collateral where QiDao can charge a performance fee or receive a share of the revenue earned by the partner protocols.

The current roadblock to that is difficulty in pricing Balancer LP tokens. The team is working with Balancer to reliably price these tokens. The performance fee capability has already been completed.

One option the DAO could take is to add Curve LP tokens as collateral for staked gas tokens, while Balancer LP oracles are completed. This would allow QiDao’s revenue to start increasing sooner.

Liquidations bonus

Bonuses on liquidating MAI loans are above average. Other protocols like MakerDAO charge a fee on liquidations that go to the protocol, instead of the liquidator. As a result, it would be possible for QiDao to share in the liquidation bonus with liquidators while maintaining the competitiveness of the bonus. Details on this will come in the form of a proposed QIP on Discord.

Revenue tracking

To improve transparency, QiDao’s risk committee is developing a third-party revenue dashboard. This will provide the community with an independent source for revenue performance for QiDao. It will also replace the monthly fundamentals review.


MAI/DAI is ready. Many weeks of testing and discussions with other protocols like Arrakis took up most of the development time. This vault will be released once MAI’s peg is ready for the leverage pressure. Once enough liquidity has been built up through this method, the DAO can start discussions about reforming QI liquidity mining.

QI-FTM and QI-AVAX have been deprecated. This totals a saving of 30,000 QI / week.

Upcoming Governance

Public Appearances





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