QiDao Weekly Updates — Week 31 (11/29–12/05/2021)

Recent Announcements

  • MAI becomes the first native stablecoin on Moonriver.
  • New vaults. Mint MAI from ETH and mooSolarETH-USDC vaults on Moonriver.
  • Debt ceiling increases on: Fantom: yvDAI, mooScreamDAI. Polygon: camDAI
  • QIP approved to add Tidal insurance coverage.
  • AMA with VESQ. Listen to it on Spotify.
  • New MOVR-MAI Solarbeam pool on Moonriver.
  • QiDao partners with Beefy Finance to launch mooBIFI as collateral in Mai Finance.
  • Beefy Finance boosts Beethoven X’s GuqinQi2 pool with $100K of mooBIFI.
  • QIP approved to use revenue from lending MAI on Market.xyz Green Leverage Locker to buy $BCT
  • Voting to extend QuickSwap liquidity mining rewards for QI and MAI.
  • MOVR voted to be accepted as collateral for MAI on Moonriver.
  • MAI-CLAM (4,4) LP Bonds at OtterFinance.
  • POAPathon concluded and the community voted on the designs for our challenges.
  • Amount of Qi staked: 13,055,952.
  • 10886 addresses holding Qi.


  • Arbitrum, MoonRiver, Harmony Launch
  • Cronos, IoTeX Launch — waiting on Chainlink integration.
  • AMA with SpookySwap on Thursday
  • TOMB and TOMB-FTM LP as collateral for MAI in market.xyz.
  • TOMB-MAI LP pairs in different networks Polygon and Avalanche
  • CeFi partnership announcing soon
  • New liquidity pool being added on QuickswapDEX: HBAR-MAI
  • NEAR Partnership
  • QiDao Pro discussions starting in Discord — Borrowing for institutions and DAOs. The idea would be for hese partners to have access to higher debt ceilings for providing value to the protocol.

Conversations in the works:

  • Market making for MAI — conversations with Jump have progressed well
  • Liquidity incentives to increase demand for MAI
  • Cross chain partnerships with projects on Moonriver, Fantom, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Cronos, Solana etc.
  • Conversations progressing with CEXs
  • Creating committees lead by community members
  • Building a QiDao automation unit to build automations that will improve the protocol

Most Recent Fireside Chats and AMAs

You can find them all on our fireside chats on YouTube channel

You can also listen to our fireside chats and AMAs on our podcast channel on Spotify

Community growth

  • Lao Zi Twitter: 5,703 followers (1,12% increase)
  • QiDao Protocol Twitter: 9,182 Followers (6,77% increase)
  • Telegram: 1,763 members (0,46% increase)
  • Discord: 6,265 members (7,09% increase)
  • Youtube: 332 subscribers (0,3% increase)

Asks for the the community

  • As we launch on other chains, help spread the word amongst your communities to try out our vaults.
  • Engage in community discussions on Discord
  • Vote when we have QIPs out.
  • More important than ever are partnerships we can make on other chains — If you think of partnerships that can help please introduce us.

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