QiDao Weekly Updates — Week 37 (01/10–01/16/2022)

Recent Announcements

  • Over $200M Total Value Locked.
  • Last mission of the QI bonds testing is completed. Over 161K QI-DAI LP tokens already held by the protocol.
  • Vote passed to decide whether to seed MAI from the DAO into a Market.xyz lending market for Pangolin assets such as PNG, staked PNG, and LPs on Pangolin. Check QIP058 results.
  • Vote passed to decide on whether to seed MAI from the DAO into a Market.xyz lending market for BSC ecosystem assets such as BNB, CAKE, BSW, and other native assets. Check QIP057 results.
  • Over +20M QiPowah voted on the first borrowing incentives gauge. This vote was to determine which vault types would get borrow incentives for a 2 week period (180k Qi per week). Check QIP056 results.
  • Fantom Ecosystem Spotlight article featuring QiDao.
  • Proposals to add reward gauges for $MAI on Polygon and Fantom posted on Curve Finance’s governance forum.
  • MAI-USDC listed as an IDEX v3 market on Polygon. Liquidity pool and farm with the LP available as well.
  • Debt ceiling increases: Fantom: yvDAI, mooBIFI, FTM. Polygon: camAAVE, camWBTC, camDAI, camWETH, LINK, WBTC, GHST.
  • Market xyz seeding operations: 4M MAI to Tomb Finance market. 2M MAI to Beefy / Tomb market. 2M MAI to SpookySwap market.
  • Tidal Finance’s cover policy for Mai Finance is ready for deposit. The policy will become effective on Jan 23rd to earn USDC and TIDAL. More info here.
  • QiDao is now listed on InsurAce. Users can now purchase a cover to protect their assets. More info here.
  • Article featuring QiDao on Stocktwits: Discovering Over-Collateralized Lending with QiDao.
  • New article on the Community’s Unofficial Guide to Mai Finance about the partnership with Exodia on Fantom.
  • Amount of Qi staked: 20,693,689 (57.16%)
  • 12,571 addresses holding Qi.


  • Proposal about new incentives program.
  • Proposal to use BTC oracles for RenBTC.
  • Proposal to change Stake DAO’s USD strategy CDR to 110%.
  • Proposal to add G-UNI as collateral for MAI.
  • Sponsorship of POAPathon POG Edition at ETH Denver 2022.
  • Partnership announcement with Celsius.
  • Arbitrum Launch.
  • Cronos, IoTeX Launch — waiting on Chainlink integration.
  • cBridge integration.
  • Liquidity bootstrapping on Zenlink with a bootstrap pool for MAI-USDC
  • CeFi partnership announcing soon
  • Julcard launch. Spend your $MAI in real life.
  • NEAR Partnership
  • Official Docs translated to several languages.
  • DAO tools to encourage participation in the committees.

Conversations in the works:

  • Market making for MAI
  • Liquidity incentives to increase demand for MAI
  • Cross chain partnerships with projects on Moonriver, Fantom, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Cronos, Solana, BSC, etc.
  • QiDao Pro
  • Building a QiDao automation unit to build automations that will improve the protocol.

Most Recent Fireside Chats and AMAs

You can find them all on our fireside chats on YouTube channel

You can also listen to our fireside chats and AMAs on our podcast channel on Spotify

Community growth

  • Lao Zi Twitter: 6,242 followers (1.74% increase)
  • QiDao Protocol Twitter: 13,688 followers (6.72% increase)
  • Telegram Chat: 1,938 members (2.22% increase)
  • Telegram Announcements: 184 members (13.58% increase)
  • Discord: 7,225 members (1,37% decrease) 7455 (3.18% increase)
  • Youtube: 366 subscribers (1.95% increase) 371 (1.37% increase)

Asks for the the community

  • Join our Space and help the protocol reach 1000 users on Snapshot.org to get a Verified ☑️ Space (80% achieved).
  • As we launch on other chains, help spread the word amongst your communities to try out our vaults.
  • Engage in community discussions on Discord.
  • Vote when we have QIPs out.
  • More important than ever are partnerships we can make on other chains — If you think of partnerships that can help please introduce us.

Learn more about QiDao and get involved in the community


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