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“Demystifying Blockchain” Webinar by qiibee & Boost

Our first webinar in collaboration with Boost is titled “Demystifying Blockchain” because we know that Blockchain is for many still a big mystery — a complex and hard to understand topic. But we believe that blockchain is THE FUTURE — especially for loyalty programs — and want to show you how easy it actually is to bring your loyalty program on the blockchain.

Join the Club

As this webinar is a premiere, we decided to make it free to join this time. All we need from your side is some information about yourself and your company. This will help us understand your needs and interests to make the webinar as interesting to our audience as possible. After the webinar all registered attendees will receive a recording of the webinar and some exclusive insights into blockchain and loyalty.

Register today and don’t miss the one-time possibility to receive unique insights to ‘loyalty on the blockchain’.

Our guests — The speakers

Of course the webinar is enriched by well known experts from the space who will discuss this fascinating topic and will explain the power and the limitless possibilities of blockchain itself and ‘loyalty on the blockchain’ in special.

Dr. Guenther Dobrauz

Guenther is a blockchain expert from PwC. He will talk about the limitless potential of blockchain technology.

Urs Kamberger

Urs is an expert in BTL-Marketing, Head of Sales and member of the Management Board at Boost Group AG. He will give us insights based on a use case with blockchain technology.

Francesco Pagano

Francesco is the Head of Sales at qiibee. Lover of Brands and Italian food, he has a rich background in CPG & Fashion.

Of course we won’t let our experts leave without answering your questions.

We look forward to welcoming you to our premiere webinar and can’t wait for the 22nd of October!

About qiibee

Through qiibee’s plug-and-play solution, enterprises worldwide are running and operating their loyalty programs on the blockchain in just a few hours.
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