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New Channel Partner for qiibee

VERTIKOM Switzerland and qiibee partner up to help companies and brands increase their sales on the Swiss market across all consumer touch points through ‘Loyalty on the Blockchain’. The collaboration enables VERTIKOM’s customers to benefit from the unique qiibee infrastructure.

About the collaboration

Thanks to the liaison between qiibee and Vertikom Switzerland, the latter can leverage its immense network of partners on qiibee’s blockchain infrastructure. They will be able to harness the power of blockchain through qiibee and open up new opportunities for some of the most prestigious brands in their portfolio. Among their customers are Mondelez, Nestlé, Barilla, Bata, Microsoft and many others.

Vertikom’s Managing Partner, Caroline Duetsch Kubik looks forward to the cooperation and said:

“Societal and economic circumstances are changing rapidly, such as the rise of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” through digital technology trends and the evolution of platformers in the domain of blockchain. Thrilled to kick start the collaboration between VERTIKOM Switzerland GmbH and Gabriele’s team expertise. We are convinced that we are able to accept another challenge and realize another very promising future growth platform, with for sure a great deal of new news to communicate on.“

While Gabriele Giancola, CEO qiibee adds:

“We are excited to be working with Vertikom Switzerland and going one step forward with ‘loyalty to the blockchain.’ We can’t wait for the coming months when we will be focusing on relevant use cases aimed at the client portfolio of Vertikom Switzerland.”

About Vertikom Switzerland

Vertikom Switzerland is a smart sparring agency that is driven by the commitment to enhancing the emotional impact of brands.

Their goal is to create distinctive brand experiences through vertical touchpoint marketing. “We believe successful marketing is the result of passionate commitment, courage and an incomparable feeling of togetherness.”

Their sales expertise, know-how, technology and network provide companies with the one-stop-shop solution to ‘sell more’ and penetrate new markets — cost effectively and flexibly. “We support clients to reach the shopper and maximize the process at every stage and channel of the consumer shopping journey, both on- and offline.”

Vertikom Switzerland is part of the ASM Group S.A., which is registered in Poland and listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW).

Find more information about Vertikom on https://www.vertikom.ch/en/

About qiibee

Through qiibee’s plug-and-play solution, enterprises worldwide are running and operating their loyalty programs on the blockchain in just a few hours.

More details on www.qiibee.com



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