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Take Care Survey Results

Dear qiibeeans, from beginning of March until mid of May we were all doing strict home office to take care of others. And even now, most of our team are working from home. Because only together, as a loyal community, we can stop the virus spreading and infecting more people! But back in Spring we believed this still needed more awareness and people acting fast!

Therefore we wanted to take this to the next level and incentivize as many people possible to check whether they might have the Coronavirus. This is why we urged our community to spend 1min on a self-check. And before checking out the results, a big THANK YOU to all of the 1113 people who completed the survey.

From the 1’113 participants, the majority with 77.45% was between 20–30 whilst 10.69% were between the ages of 30–45 and 9.97% were younger than 20. The minority of age groups were older than 45, whilst one person was even older than 80 years.


It’s awesome to see how loyal our community is and how much they took care of others.

The numbers speak for themselves; Almost every participant was doing home office back in March and April. To be precise, 94.25% were staying at home for work. This means not only that people took the lockdown seriously, but also the companies itself managed to keep work as normal as possible although offering their employees to work from home.

We truly believe that working from home has so many benefits, and we are therefore open to keep sticking on it. Not only we see many benefits, the New York Times has recently published an interesting article on the benefits of home office.


Back to our self-check results: Luckily most of the people haven’t been in one of the risk-regions nor in contact with a person that was in one of these regions. Resulting in the fact that most of the people haven’t been in contact with an infected person.


Most importantly, 88.05% had none of the corona-symptoms and the ones who had, got an overview from us on how to do self-quarantine when experiencing any kind of the symptoms.

Last but not least, we hope that all of you are healthy and staying that way. We do everything to keep the virus from spreading and keep our fingers crossed for a timely cure.

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