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Announcing Qilin V2 Mainnet Bug Bounty Program on Immunefi

Following our V2 mainnet launch on April 21st, Qilin will initiate a new round of its long-term Bug Bounty Program with a total reward of $20,000. The purpose of this program is to detect potential security vulnerabilities and resolve them before they have impact on our users. We invite the public to test our product and report any bugs you find to earn reward.

Let’s walk you through how you can participate and what we are looking for.

Bug Bounty on Immunefi

Qilin Protocol is launching a bug bounty program on Immunefi, which is a leading bug bounty platform experienced in the testing and securing of DeFi protocols.

This bug bounty program is focused on Qilin’s smart contracts including the following impacts in scope:


  • Any governance voting result manipulation
  • Direct theft of any user funds, whether at-rest or in-motion, other than unclaimed yield
  • Permanent freezing of funds
  • Protocol Insolvency


  • Theft of unclaimed yield
  • Permanent freezing of unclaimed yield
  • Temporary freezing of funds for at least 1 hour

Qilin is offering more than $20,000 USD in rewards for the community to help us secure our protocol by uncovering its vulnerabilities and shortcomings.

  • Critical: $2,000
  • High: $1,000

To find out more information about the bug bounty being launched on Immunefi’s platform, click here: https://immunefi.com/bounty/qilin/

Feedback on Discord

Despite audits and bug bounty, we can never be sure of where we’ve missed out! For this reason, our community feedback is always super welcome. In addition to reporting bugs or vulnerabilities within our smart contracts, website and app, suggestions that help make our protocol more robust and secure will also be rewarded.

Access our server to provide feedback & suggestions for NFT rewards! https://discord.gg/D8SutwykDR



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