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Announcing the Qilin Alpha Testnet

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We are excited to announce Qilin’s Alpha Testnet will commence on 25th of March. This is an excellent opportunity for community to try out the Qilin Protocol and see how it will help improve the DeFi landscape.

How to participate:

  1. Sign up by leaving your ETH Kovan testnet wallet address below the announcement on Twitter or in our official Discord channel.
  2. Our community member will manually transfer ETH Kovan testnet tokens to your wallet within 1 day.
  3. Start trading
  4. Fill out the Google form for Feedback & Bugs.

We very much look forward to hearing from YOU❤️.

About Qilin

Qilin will bring much needed volatility to Altcoins. Users will be able to list new and old Altcoin pairs permissionlessly, and Qilin then offers traders the opportunity to trade vanilla and inverse perps on these pairs. Through Peer to Pool model of liquidity provision and Rebase Funding Rate for risk management, Qilin will bring Altcoins volatility which will bring volume and better price discovery.

Major Innovations:
1) Permissionless Perpetual Futures Pairs
2) Peer to Separate Tranches Pools
3) Tradable ETF-Type LP Token
4) Tradable Leveraged L/S Position Token
5) Price Offset Mechanism & Dynamic Algorithmic Slippage
6) Rebase Funding Rate



Decentralized risk-optimizing protocol for derivatives trading

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Decentralized risk-optimizing protocol for derivatives trading.