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Qilin Community Call #6 Recap

We held our Community Call #6 on the 17th of June. This call covered how we plan on attracting traders for V2. Below is a recap of the call, for the Qilians who couldn’t make it, or for anyone that’s interested!

Qilin Progress of Week 3, June

  1. V2 contract and UI design completed.
  2. A new issue was identified in the second audit and V1 contracts will be redeployed next week.

Open Discussion: our go-to-market strategy for Qilin V2?


After launching premissionless perps (vanilla and inverse), we ideally would like to have traders come trade them on Qilin and LPs to come and provide liquidity.

We identitfied 5 groups of potential users: speculators/arbitrageurs, project core team/hodlers, brokers, sophesticated LPs, unsophesticated LPs.

We then will device targeted strategies for each cohort, using a combination of LP pool customisation, massive variety of avaliable trading pair, tokenomonics etc to attract them to Qilin.

Other Ideas

  • Capped pools will boost APY.
  • Tranched LP pools to service different risk appetites.

Open Discussions for Increasing Traffic

  • The fact you don’t have to deposit before opening a position is a big plus over competitors like Perp.fi. Marketing should highlight this, as it makes Qilin feel more decentralized.
  • Until more people know they can make easy money liquidating other positions, developing a bot to automatically liquidate users positions when applicable would increase the efficiency overall and profits for LPs.
  • People would feel safer if the smart contract was verified on etherscan but can understand why this presents a risk to Qilin the organization.
  • Qilin could produce at least one full length Anime episode to promote the idea of trading perps. While this is a unorthodox marketing technique, with the number of anime fans in the crypto twitter space, this could spark unique interest and get more users to Qilin. With the number of writers like BigBoyLeverage in the Qilin discord chat, it doesn’t seem like there would be much trouble sourcing ideas for the story arc of the episode.




Decentralized risk-optimizing protocol for derivatives trading

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Decentralized risk-optimizing protocol for derivatives trading.

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