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Qilin Testnet Trading Competition, NFT Blind Box to Be Opened!

Qilin Public Testnet was officially live on April 19th! Let’s walk you through the suite of features you will be able to test on the Qilin Public Testnet~

The public testnet will be offering the complete features that will be launched for the Qilin Protocol v1 for the ETH/USDC asset pair. These features include:

  • Liquidations
  • LP Rewards

In addition, we are launching the Qilin Testnet Trading Competition with details below.


When does the Trading Competition Start?

The Qilin Testnet Trading Competition starts on Monday, April 26th 14:00 UTC and ends on Monday, May 3rd 14:00 UTC.

How can I participate?

  1. Visit the Trading Competition website
  2. Connect your wallet to the Kovan Testnet
  3. Register on the Faucet page
  4. Get your testnet USDC
  5. Starting trading

How do I win the Trading Competition

There are three ways you can participate to win — Traders, LPs and Liquidators. Participants will be ranked based on the corresponding criteria for each role during the competition:

Based on the rankings and your participation in Qilin Bug Hunting Program, you will have the opportunity to win limited edition Qilin NFTs.

Note: Only accounts that have only claimed test tokens ONCE, and have no other transfer operations are eligible for the rewards.

What will the rewards be?

There are 3 different levels of NFTs set up as rewards- Legendary, Rare, Common. Different levels of NFT will correspond to different airdrops and other bonus.

The specific reward system file has been uploaded on the chain for your check.

Document Hash: 2ca8901aed12223792d7e3b6177abac9

Transaction Hash: 0x4d7a5723a4c8821a425ca5fde55145d6a0ba8bd9b327b4eceab332f3234cdafd

We will publish the original document used for hash calculation when the competition ends.

About Qilin

Qilin created a new mechanism that allows any users to trade derivatives, create derivatives trading-pair and provide liquidity through Qilin Protocol permissionless, and bringing derivatives to long-tail market for the first time. The liquidity problem in derivatives trading is solved by the Peer to Pool model, and the market maker risk in the liquidity pool is controlled with the on-chain risk control mechanism.

Follow us on the channels below to stay connected:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/QilinProtocol

Telegram: https://t.me/QilinOfficial

Discord: https://discord.gg/My28vAPMHg

Medium: https://medium.com/qilinprotocol



Decentralized risk-optimizing protocol for derivatives trading

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Decentralized risk-optimizing protocol for derivatives trading.