“QIQ is about reimagining transportation in smart cities — making shared transportation greener and more accessible to the masses.”
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Metropolitan public transportation systems have been overburdened by population growth and rapid urban migration, placing tremendous stress on such infrastructure worldwide. Uber, Grab, Lyft, DiDi (Ride-hailing platforms) rank among the biggest success stories in the tech industry in recent times — they are companies that have been tackling and solving transportation problems by enabling more shared transport options in dense urban areas. These companies were able to be so successful due to their access to large private investment capital.

Before, only large institutional investors partnering government agencies could participate at the early stages of city transport development. Although such developments benefit the public, much of the retained earnings are held in the companies and shared among large private investors. Many times, local communities do not have a chance of voicing out their opinions about how their transportation system should be developed. QIQ believes all that could change.

QIQ’s mission is to “democratise” shared and green transport by giving people the ability to influence and contribute to shared transport development.

Our vision is to “To build a sustainable future for transportation globally.”

Our mission is to “accelerate adoption of sustainable shared transportation for congested cities.”

We plan to build an ecosystem for supporters of green shared mobility by utilising blockchain technology. By offering transparent and measurable validation of “green” mobility, we ultimately aim to encourage direct involvement from communities to partner with governments and private industries to embrace sustainable green, shared transportation.

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