QIQ Strategical Partnership with TPR Invest to Launch 5,000 Electric Shared Personal Vehicles across Vietnam

Aug 12, 2018 · 3 min read

Vietnam, Hanoi, Date: 10 August 2018

QIQ, a Singapore-based green mobility sharing company, has signed with TPR Invest, an investment and property development company as a local partner in Vietnam to deploy 5,000 electric personal mobility devices (“E-PMDs”) into Hanoi, Da Nang and Haiphong cities.

Starting in Hanoi, TPR Invest has engaged with the local government to provide last-mile connectivity to the new Hanoi Metro train services going live by end of this year, 2018.

Mr. Giang, chairman of TPR Invest, says

“We are happy to be the first international city to sign up with QIQ’s rapid charging solution for electric personal mobility. Unlike many other solutions we have seen, QIQ vehicles charge in minutes and it comes with a docking system. This will help keep our city neat and provide 24/7 efficient and convenient travel for our citizens and visitors.”

QIQ has spent 3 years in the development of their proprietary rapid charging energy storage system. The batteries are fully recyclable, safe and are not based on today’s Lithium technology. With over 50,000 duty cycles, QIQ vehicles are designed to outlast many of today’s electric bicycles and scooters.

Mr. Vu Ha of the Ministry of Transport during attendance of the signing ceremony, congratulates TPR Invest.

“We are happy to see a last-mile green solution that is fully integrated with our city planning to help reduce pollution and improve travelling options for our citizens and tourist alike.”

The list of honourable member from the Vietnam Government includes; Mr. Bui Van Quan — Head of Green Growth Strategy Facility, Mr. Le Duc Chung — Ministry of Planning and Investment, Mr dam Chien Thang — Vice Director Hanoi Department of Trade and Industry.

Mr. Vu Cao Tung — TPR Invest, Chief Executive Officer is happy to announce

“Vietnam has seen massive growth in its economy in the recent years, city Infrastructure must continue to improve to meet the demand of the life of the Vietnamese and foreign visitors. Our strategical partnership with QIQ Global to launch QIQ Vietnam will bring green vehicle technology into last-mile connections, thus improving the life of people in Vietnam.”

For more information about QIQ,
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ABOUT QIQ — QIQ believes in building public last-mile connections in a partnership model between operators, government and the people using the services. Through local partnership with local companies and government, QIQ is able to remain focused on the technology development while supporting local partners to offer a higher quality of service. With our unique cloud-based booking and settlement system, local communities and companies are also enabled to take participative ownerships of the fleets to create a truly shared mobility for the masses and powered by the masses.

ABOUT TPR INVEST — TPR Invest is a Vietnam based investment and property company. With experiences in estate, hotel and township planning, design and development, TPR Invest has invested in over 30 development in Vietnam. TPR Invest believes in green technology and has embrace a strategy to bring green power and mobility solutions into Vietnam.

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