How can I earn QRP?

In addition to earn 50 QRP by registration, you can earn 20 QRP for per reference or 2 QRP once per day by visiting the daily system.

What is Reference Code?

The reference code is used to confirm that users who are members of the system are registered with your suggestion. Each user has a reference code. The reference code allows you to earn 20 QRP per user without any limit.

Where can I see my friends who are registered with my reference code?

You can learn the members who registered with your reference code via qirpiqbot which you use during telegram verification. Qirpiqbot will send you notification for each referrals. Every token you earn will be reported here.

At the same time, when you log in to the site, you can see your referral list in detail by clicking on the referral link from the top bar.

Earn 1 QRP for each day

You need to visit and login for earning 2 QRP per day.

Chances to earn more QRP tokens by connecting your Twitter account
After the authentication from telegram, you will see “Connect to Twitter” button below your account information. By clicking this button you can connect your Twitter account to your Qirpiq account and then follow us to earn 30 QRP tokens more. Twitter follow-up lists will be checked in bounty process, so be sure to stay on following. 30 QRP tokens will be sent to users who following the Qirpiq account during the bounty.

Joining telegram groups

When you enter, and groups you will get an extra 30 QRP.