Registering for the Bounty Program

To register with the Bounty program, users need to go step by step

  • Step 1: You need to register the platform with your e-mail address, password and username you will use on the platform.

  • Step 2: In order to complete the registration process you need to verify your account via e-mail. You can complete the verification process by pressing the “Confirm account” button.

  • Step 3: Registration is now complete. After confirmation or when you log in, you will see the following screen. Here you have to enter the confirmation code given to you in our telegram bot. Once you have copied the code, you must press the “GO TO TELEGRAM” button to go to the telegram bot.

  • Step 4: Just start the bot and write the code. Then 50 QRP will be added to your account and QirpiqBot will inform you when you earn each new token. If you are earning a lot of tokens, you can turn off notifications.

  • Step 5: The telegram authentication has been completed and 50 QRP has been added to your account. Now when you enter you will see an information box with your profile details instead of your telegram code. You can copy your reference link here by pressing “Copy” or share it on social platforms with directly by using share buttons. Process completed.

While you earn 10 QRP gifts for per referral, 1 QRP will be added to your account when you log in once per day.

Best for everyone..