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Qiskit Pulse Can Make Custom Gates Ten Times Better Than The Default Ones

Qiskit Pulse
Microwave pulses sent to qubits with the help of Qiskit Pulse
  • Error rates were up to ten times better on the new gates
  • Error rates were five times better on average for the whole IBM Quantum Valencia device we experimented on.
  • These pulses reduced the gate variability between qubits — we were able to make all of the qubits perform nearly as well as the best-performing qubit.
  • Our calibration remained useful for a week, rather than for default gates that require daily calibration.
  • These gates worked well in parallel, and were resilient to ambient noise as well as crosstalk noise that arises when we act on multiple qubits simultaneously.
A default X-gate (left) versus our custom X-gate (right)



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