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Sign Up for Qiskit Quantum Explorers!

Interested in learning quantum computing but don’t know where to start?

Sign up for Quantum Explorers! Quantum Explorers is a self-paced, gamified quantum computing learning program for high school students and above.

It is beginner-friendly, though it increases in difficulty as achievements are unlocked. The theme of the learning journey is space exploration.

Anyone can join from students to industry professionals to quantum enthusiasts! The program is comprised of engaging study materials, seminars, gamified achievements to unlock, and career advice.

Participants will gain a general understanding of quantum computing, some of its applications such as quantum machine learning and quantum optimization, and program real quantum computers.

There are six themed achievements to unlock, with corresponding Badges to collect. Each Badge has a learning module, event, or set of tasks associated with it that must be completed in order to unlock its achievement. (Note: these Badges are not IBM Quantum certifications but are fun indicators of a participant’s progress.)

Location: This program takes place on a dedicated Discord server. The invite link to the server is provided in the Attendee Guide that is delivered to your email inbox after registration.

Timeline: The program will be live from August 2022 to February 2023. Total materials cover approximately 34 to 70 hours spanning over these 6 months. Level of engagement depends on the participant.

Event flyer: Feel free to download and circulate the event flyer from here.

Registration is now LIVE!

How to register for the Quantum Explorers learning program:

Step 1: Click Here for Registration Form

Step 2: Fill in the form with your details and submit it. Note that you will need to have a Discord account to complete the form. (Having trouble? Here’s How to Create a Discord Account).

Step 3: You will get an automated email with two links: 1) an invite to the Quantum Explorers Discord server, and 2) an Attendee Guide that tells you everything you need to know to participate in the program.

Step 4: Download and read the Attendee Guide to familiarize yourself with the program.

Step 5: Join the Discord server with the invite link sent to you after registration. The Attendee Guide has information on how to navigate the Discord server and participate in Quantum Explorers. (For extra Discord help, please see How to Get Started with Discord.)

Step 6: Have fun learning quantum!

Note: This program leads up to ICPC’s Algo Queen in February 2023, a competitive programming cup sponsored by IBM Quantum. Note that this event is external to Quantum Explorers; anyone can register for Quantum Explorers but if you have also registered for Algo Queen 2023, please specify this during registration.

Extra note: Here’s a detailed Japanese explanation of Quantum Explorers.

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Share this with your friends. After all, space exploration is much more fun when your friends come along for the journey!

Link to this page: http://qisk.it/quantum-explorers




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