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We will be distributing 2.2% of the total Qi native token supply (22 million of 1 billion Qi) to eligible participants. The purpose of this program is to stress test the QiSwap platform and to raise awareness of our Decentralized Exchange. We expect the airdrop to start on February 14th, 2021 and the Pioneers II program to launch February 21st. The airdrop will stay open for 2 weeks for those who would like to participate. We will need to take a snapshot of the Qtum blockchain a day prior to the airdrop, so make absolutely sure you have possession of your Qtum by February 12th.

These events will happen in two phases; a smart contract stress test called the “Pioneers Program II” followed by a general airdrop to all participants who control a Qtum address. We strongly urge people to download the latest Qtum QT wallet from their Github repository, only use the link provided in this article, and make sure to back up your wallet and encrypt it.

It is important to remember that this article will be edited for updates, and any other source claiming to be affiliated with QiSwap is likely fraudulent during the airdrop.

Qi Airdrop to Qtum Holders:

The QiSwap team will create a placeholder QRC20 token and distribute this anonymously to all Qtum holders. If you have control of your Qtum in a wallet, you will then receive an equal amount of “Qi Airdrop Tokens, or QIAD”. We will then publish a smart contract that allows you to swap these placeholders for Qi governance tokens over a 2 week period. There will be gas fees to interact with this smart contract, probably a few pennies per transaction. There will be approximately 97 million QIAD placeholder tokens minted to be swapped for 48,500,000 Qi tokens, so it will be approximately 1 Qi token for every 2 Qtum you hold in your wallet.

NOTE: Minimum Qtum amount is 1 QTUM to participate in the airdrop

The Snapshot blockheight will be 793,284 which will take place around 11pm China time February 12th

QIAD Token Contract:


Qi Token Contract:


If you’ve kept your Qtum tokens on a centralized exchange, you will need to contact their support department to see if they will credit the Qi tokens to your account. Remember, if you don’t control the private keys to your Qtum, it’s your fault if you don’t receive your airdrop tokens.

This airdrop will happen around February 14th, 2021. Exact time will be announced on this article and referenced on Twitter, but this gives participants plenty of time to get their Qtum off an exchange and onto a Qtum QT wallet. We will never ask for your private keys, or for anything of value. If you see a suspicious link, or get approached by someone claiming to be from QiSwap, it is fraudulent. This article is the only source of information for the QiSwap airdrop and Pioneers II program.

After the 2 week swap period, any unclaimed Qi tokens will be trapped forever.

Pioneers II Program

The Pioneers Program is a way for participants to interact with a QiSwap liquidity pool using a Qtum address they own. It could be a trivial transaction, but regardless, once it’s completed your wallet address used will be credited with a share of the 2 million Qi tokens sometime within 20–150 days. You will need to keep your Qtum wallet to be credit for this transaction.

This event will allow us to stress test the liquidity pools and the Qtum blockchain. You will pay a little bit for gas, as Qtum is used to interact with the smart contract. The more transactions you make, the more Qi you are eligible to receive. There will be a web front end that requires you to answer a Captcha for each transactions. This event will take place very fast so the bot networks don’t have time to code a script. We expect this event to take place February 21st. We will edit this document in the near future with clearer instructions after the smart contracts are written.

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This document could change at any time. We will be sure to notify participants on this document with a change log if important items are modified. This document is the only source of information for this airdrop. QiSwap will never ask for your password or private keys or wallet file, or offer to multiply your token holdings. If you are approached by anyone claiming to be affiliated with QiSwap, it is fraudulent, we will never direct message you.

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