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QiSwap Progress Report: February 5th 2021

  • Secured over USD $3 million dollars of Qtum to be staked and shared with QiSwap liquidity providers: 1 Million Qtum Staked for QiSwap DEX | by QiSwap | Feb, 2021 | Medium
  • We have an AMA scheduled in the Qtum Telegram channel: https://t.me/qtumofficial Wednesday, Feb 10th 2pm GMT. There will be plenty of giveaways and we will publish an article about this soon.
  • We are working with multiple exchanges to support the airdrop. We will wait until they have announced it themselves in order to remain professional. Big.ONE announced on Twitter they will support QiSwap.
  • PR firm is working with media outlets regarding a press release, maybe expect some attention in the media next week.
  • Announced the Qi token contract and QI AirDrop token contract address: Qi Token Contract: https://qtum.info/qrc20/54fefdb5b31164f66ddb68becd7bdd864cacd65b & QIAD Token Contract: https://qtum.info/contract/f52150072f31b7ba1985a2145531967b1a5a7cea
  • Both development teams have defined tasks. One is working on the Pioneers II program and the airdrop, while the other is working on upgrading the functionality of QiSwap. We will discuss this further in a development roadmap.
  • Articles still being worked on: QiSwap Economic Whitepaper, QiSwap Governance Document, and information about the Qi governance token.
  • We will be changing the parameters of the QiSwap airdrop in order to give away more than 2% of the total supply to the community. These details will be published soon.
  • We have just completed negotiations with another project that is willing to support the QiSwap Nitro Pools initiative, this information will be announced shortly.
  • We have published the block number for the Qtum snapshot that controls the deadline for the airdrop rewards: Block Height 793,284, this is estimated to be 10am EST on February 12th. Please remember that it is impossible to predict exact times, so keep an eye on the block height.
  • There will likely be 3 more developers added to the team this month or next, bringing our total to 10.
  • Development roadmap exists internally in text format. We will get the PR team on making this into an infographic for the community to see after the airdrop and Pioneers II program is complete.



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