Adjustment of QLC Chain’s Development Plan

2018 is approaching its end, and it is about to be a full year since this project launched. In November 2017, we were called Qlink and published the Whitepaper V9.1 detailing the use cases of the world’s first decentralized mobile network.

QLC Chain — rebranded in May 2018— together with other Blockchain projects are dedicated to technology development at the same time, building the ecosystem, developing real use cases with the Blockchain technology.

During the one-year time of product development, market research, engagement with leaders in this industry, continuously learning and evaluating, the team behind the project has realized that the bottleneck of the whole blockchain/crypto industry is how to drive wider adoption. QLC Chain is an industry-focused project, dedicated to bringing telecommunication and network resources to the “trustless” platform, using technology to improve efficiency. The team has made the decision of adjusting development plan — to develop the public chain and application simultaneously, target to provide end-to-end solutions for early adopters.

Roadmap Revision

Mainnet will launch together with Montnets SMS billing and clearance platform

QLC Chain is a public chain designed for the telecommunication industry, with function nodes pre-implemented and target to decentralized the telecom resources. In the original roadmap, we targeted year end to launch the Mainnet and the R&D team has been working day and night to achieve the milestone as promised. Leveraging the partnership with Montnets, we can repetitively test not only the technology but also the business model while building the public chain. We are expecting to launch the Multidimensional Block Lattice Mainnet together with the Global SMS billing and clearance platform which will put QLC Chain in immediate commercial usage.

Global SMS billing and clearance is targeted to be delivered in March, 2019. In June, 2019, we are expecting to have the whole network ready for more enterprises users. After tests and verification with partners, the Mainnet will be available together with the massive application with more than 4 billion transactions to be supported on a yearly basis.

We will keep revealing the development progress in the bi-weekly support. In addition, the public chain code is open at Github which can be found here

From this point of view, the pending token swap of QLC from NEO as NEP-5 token to the public chain native token will be postponed accordingly.

VPN router showcase and receive orders

We will present the blockchain-based VPN router in December. The router is blockchain native providing VPN access. They work as normal routers to expand broadband coverage at the same time can be used as VPN asset. Additionally, through WinQ, the routers will join the global P2P network for monetizing the bandwidth. The top VPN operator on WinQ makes almost 900 QLC a week currently and we are expecting the users and connection time to double after WinQ 2.0 released.

There will be two versions of this VPN Router available

  • WinQ server router version, an open sourced free version. Skillful users could overwrite their own router with the ROM integrated WinQ server, turning the home wifi router to a VPN router. At the same time, register it as a digital asset on WinQ to join the WinQ system and earn QLC on a regular basis.
  • The hardware version will be showcasing the specifics and commence presale. The hardware will receive orders in December.

Thank you all for the support and understanding. We will have an AMA on Reddit on Nov 28 at 12pm UTC to address all questions you may have. leave your questions here