[AMA Recap] — About QLC utility, Montnets prospects, WinQ 2.0

Thank you to everyone that participated in our AMA with Allen, Chief Architect of QLC Chain on the night of November 28. It was held after we have announced the development plan adjustment.

AMA post is available here

Here is a brief summary

About QLC utility

QLC network is built in different levels to support various services, from low level IPv6 Addressing to Authentication, and to Billing and operation management. So in QLC token economy model, the different utility can be applied in different level networks.

A couple of examples here, bandwidth can be tokenized and exchanged in QLC network through VPN application. Besides, DDoS prevention can also be tokenized with QLC token. When data packets is addressed with QLC token, the token consumption will be triggered when reaches or goes beyond the processing power upper boundary.

In the authentication scenario, QLC token will be required for visiting specific authorized service and content.

Traffic plan discount is also one application of QLC token.

About Montnets

Montnets doesn’t own QLC token so far because some regulation issue in China since Montnet is a public listed company in China. We have a joint venture in china to develop telecom clearance platform. Montnets will apply our mainnet as the infrastructure of their SMS billing service. This system will allow Montnets as well as other service providers alike to gain profit from operators and customer all round of world.

About VPN Router

VPN Router acts as VPN server node for WinQ client whereas PPRouter is a node of decentralized private network for PPMessenger client. At the same time, depending on the customers' preference or demand, they can work in one router or separately.

The development work has been finished. Release time depends on market strategy.

About Tokenisation

QLC to map from NEO to QLC mainnet will happen at a certain point, thank you all for your patience for the plan.

There will be GAS token designed and generated for QLC holders to access the specific services throughout QLC network. Users can have a first taste of the mechanism when WinQ 2.0 releases, please stay tuned to it.

About WinQ 2.0

As we speak, it is WinQ move from NEO testnet to NEO Mainnet is being tested internally. The next step will move to beta tester.

So far exchange API implemented on the WinQ app is not been discussed. We will mark this feature and have more discussion about it when next product meeting.

WinQ 2.0 will support the feature (trade QLC tokens for BNB and NEO mainnet tokens inside the app) through third party support.

It also allows people to trade QLC for BTC inside the app, making QLC more accessible to users. The plan is in the development backlog.

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