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QLC Chain and Opacity build a partnership to promote Blockchain based privacy-oriented communication applications

We are glad to announce the partnership between Opacity (https://opacity.io/) and QLC Chain (https://qlcchain.org/). This collaboration will enhance the QLC ecosystem with storage services in communication applications.


The partnership has two aspects. First, the two teams will explore layer-2 storage solutions based on QLC Chain. In the next-generation network applications, storage is a critical feature that requires security, privacy, and speed which Opacity can provide.

Second, QLC Chain’s new consumer-oriented product, Confidant, will adopt Opacity as backup storage with a lower storage cost and equally optimal privacy protection mechanism.

Confidant is the privacy management platform developed by the QLC Team, with a unique and privacy-focused account system. Confidant, a combined hardware and software solution, facilitates communications and file sharing in a decentralized manner. Every user’s digital activities, contacts, content remain encrypted with his/her own private key.

Opacity is launching its main platform Opacity 1.0 on June 5th. Prior to launch, Opacity will give 200 users who hold QLC token a free 128GB subscription for a year of zero-knowledge private storage with Opacity.

QLC Chain will also give 5 of its protocol token QLC to 200 Opacity community members, so they can experience the soon to be launched staking-process and receive Q-Gas. Q-Gas is the fuel token used in the QLC ecosystem which carriers and enterprises will consume when using telecom billing and clearance services.

To celebrate the partnership, QLC Chain offers $20 USD coupons for purchasing the Confidant. The promotional code “QLC+OPQ” is valid from June 1 to July 1.

QLC Chain and Opacity look forward to helping promote privacy-centric applications and give control of private data back to the users.

Details on how to proceed with the giveaways will be posted shortly on the Opacity and QLC Chain Twitter profiles following this announcement.

About QLC Chain

QLC Chain is the next generation public chain for Network-as-a-Service (NaaS). It is the world’s first infrastructure-level public chain with embedded telecom service capabilities.

It is the distributed telecom services constructed on multi-dimensional block lattice. The major features include 1) distributed security (e.g. digital ID authentication, privacy encryption and on-premise storage) 2) distributed billing (e.g. trusted billing, anti-fraud billing and phone bill payment) 3) P2P addressing (digital identity and chord network optimization based on IPv6).

About Opacity

Founded in 2018, Opacity Storage is dedicated to online data privacy and security. Online data breaches continue to be a major consumer risk. Opacity is reducing this risk by removing the need to provide personal payment data and by decentralizing files stored online. For more information, visit opacity.io and follow @Opacity_Storage on Twitter.



QLC Chain is the Next Generation Public Chain for Decentralized Network-as-a-Service. QLC Chain’s mission is to create a secure and trusted environment for telecom services and to narrow down the global digital divide by leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology (DTL).

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