QLC Chain Community Q&A (July 9, 2020)

QLC Team
QLC Team
Jul 9 · 6 min read

Per the requests of our community and as a follow up to our Q2 wrap up article (https://medium.com/qlc-chain/a-wrap-up-of-qlc-chain-in-q2-2020-28799b7e5b8b) , the QLC Chain team has decided to publish a short Q&A addressing some of the more pressing questions which have been circulating in our community.

We are hoping this Q&A can serve as a foundation for a more transparent and community inclusive future, as we gradually shift our focus from full-on development towards a more balanced development/marketing approach.

Please understand that any questions that might be left unanswered at this time are as such solely because of team’s signed Non Disclosure Agreements and with understanding of the importance of such partnerships for the future of the QLC Chain project. The team will always look to disclose such information as soon as our contractual obligations permit us to do so.

Q: QLC Chain has connected Montnets A2P SMS International business with the PCCW Global A2P SMS business, the two parties will jointly adopt the QLC Chain-based platform for A2P SMS settlement and clearance. it says QLC ‘has connected’ with Montnets, but also that they ‘will jointly adopt’ the QLC Chain-based platform. Did it happen yet or is it yet to happen? Is Montnets using the platform as of now?

After the contract bridging Montnets and PCCW Global is completed, the A2P SMS traffic will be settled on the QLC chain. We’re looking towards Q3 to achieve this goal.

Q: What partners are you working with for data on demand & sonata. Why don’t you tweet about the operators, or do you have nda’s ?

We currently have three network operators in the Data-on-Demand platform , which are currently under an NDA, preventing us from marketing our clients at this time, however we will disclose the names as soon as contractually possible

Q: The information related to Sonata API is open knowledge. It’s on QLC GitHub. And as per the meh article 8 companies include at&t are using it. Unless it’s a different api what is stopping the team from getting a simple tweet from one of these American companies to tweet about the api and qlc chain help? It builds trust in the project and verifies that it’s not a scam, as majority of people outside China have no idea about the Chinese companies.

Everything announced by the team, either on Twitter or in the Medium articles is not a scam, We suggest doing research on the previous announcements and see the effort QLC Chain has put in delivering quality products for our current and future clients.


  • QLC Chain is working with the global leading operator as we stated in the Q2 wrap up, Montnets and PCCW Global were connected on the A2P SMS settlement platform which is a separate solution/platform from the Data-on-Demand platform.
  • The sonata API QLC Chain provides is one of the several options for the enterprise to deploy, the discussion is still ongoing about which underlying technology will be used, whether DLT will be deployed.
  • We will share updates when there are new partnerships meanwhile following the certain rules in the NDA.

Again, QLC Chain is NOT a Chinese mainland company. The company was registered in Singapore, with HQ in Hong Kong.

Q: Why don’t you approach real partnership and create demand meanwhile newbies blockchain are making huge steps next to the Telecommunication Industry ?

There are existing real partnerships with Montnets and PCCW Global, with new emerging partnerships being formed. In terms of progress, QLC Chain is doubtlessly taking the lead among its counterparts.

QLC Chain has been cautious with the potential hype created by the news and speculation. Our progress in forming new partnerships is relatively cautiously reflected in the announcement release. The team has been pushing forward the solid adoption with several enterprise clients.

There has been a significant TURN in the attitude of the communications industry towards blockchain in the advent of the 5G era, especially in the billing and settlement field where QLC Chain has been exerting efforts and in a leading position for the past 2 years. From the attempt to understand and watch from the sidelines, to embracing blockchain and leveraging it into real use, our partner even moves further and starts to consider stable coin an option to be utilized in their network management system which could be a huge critical chance for QLC Chain.

Q: Why has Mr. Allen never conducted a proper interview with partners / Montnets ?

You should find out the press releases from QLC Chain and Montnets where Allen was interviewed https://medium.com/qlc-chain

Q: After 2 years we need an answer and a timeline on when Montnets will buy the 2M QLC ?

The revenue generated from A2P SMS settlement/payment service will be used for the QLC buyback. The buyback will commence sometime after the A2P sevice goes live, although the commencement date has not yet been set.

Q: “Collaboration with Montnets and their partner: QLC Chain-enabled mobile wallet for Montnets IP video SMS targeting 62 millions Indonesia farmers. The QLC Chain-enabled mobile wallet will be firstly launched in the Indonesian market by Montnets. The wallet was designed with a focus on its business model where the token value of QLC is pegged to the use of advertising reward service.” Can you explain what this entails? It says the mobile wallet targets 62 million Indonesian farmers. In what way are they going to use the wallet? Why is it targeted at Indonesian farmers specifically?

The crypto wallet is expected to be pre-installed on several specific phone models in the Indonesian market. According to the market research and the phone manufacturer, the buyers are mainly the Indonesian farmers.

In addition, the wallet will be designed with a focus on the users’ specific needs and use scenarios in daily life such as payment for small merchants, groceries. One feature would be the user can watch advertisements for token rewards which can be used as a discount voucher for payments later. The crypto wallet is intended to provide seamless using experience to the total crypto newbies in real life.

Q: What’s the plan to bring DeFi to daily usage having real demand ?

DeFi market is growing exponentially, does it even reach the level of daily usage? Its current demand largely results from the high anticipation people have from the surprisingly high interest rates. Q-Wallet’s DeFi aims to develop into an independent third-party platform providing authentic user reviews, insights, real-time data with QLC/QGas being utilised as the cross-project rating and governance token within a decentralized architecture.

Q: What exactly are Oracles and who will use them?

Oracles are a key component of DeFi and smart contract on chain. We need the oracles to support the communication service billing/settlement/payment functioning.

Q: How much QLC is there currently in circulation?

There are roughly 270 million QLC in circulation. Token release is mainly used for AMA campaign/exchange listings/team incentives.

Q: Is anyone using the QLC token yet? The companies which are included in the press release are using QLCCHAIN. If they are also using QLC Token isn’t explained. Maybe not?

For now, QLC token is not in use by our partners. In the future to easily and seamlessly access QLC Chain-based platforms, the clients should hold QLC Chain nodes and may need to stake QLC as a node on the QLC Chain.
QLC Chain and the operator partner have reached a handful of agreements on the future cooperation in the long run, including the settlement fees occured from each on-chain transaction record from utilising the platform, with details being finalized now.

Q: What will the team do for:

  • Exchanges for QLC and QGAS and more pairs ?
  • Social media influencers — and a proper marketing plan (dedicated team only for PR) ?

More trading pairs are already introduced, DeFi stable coins are now tradable with QGas, QLC/DeFi tokens will be available in the upcoming Q-Wallet version. The team is also working diligently on adding more liquidity to the QLC token, through new exchange listings.

Also, QLC Chain is now constructing a community-driven marketing plan, not only the team, but also the long supportive community will be the driving force of our marketing activities.

QLC Chain

QLC Chain is the Next Generation Public Chain for…

QLC Team

Written by

QLC Team

The first public Chain for decentralized Network-as-a-Service! Visit our website at https://qlcchain.org/ Twitter @QLCchain

QLC Chain

QLC Chain

QLC Chain is the Next Generation Public Chain for Decentralized Network-as-a-Service. QLC Chain’s mission is to create a secure and trusted environment for telecom services and to narrow down the global digital divide by leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology (DTL).

QLC Team

Written by

QLC Team

The first public Chain for decentralized Network-as-a-Service! Visit our website at https://qlcchain.org/ Twitter @QLCchain

QLC Chain

QLC Chain

QLC Chain is the Next Generation Public Chain for Decentralized Network-as-a-Service. QLC Chain’s mission is to create a secure and trusted environment for telecom services and to narrow down the global digital divide by leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology (DTL).

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