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QLC Chain offers the Itinerary Check tool supporting travel records query and blockchain-based proofs

QLC Team
QLC Team
Feb 26 · 2 min read

QLC Chain offers a new tool named ‘Itinerary Check’ to provide the blockchain-based proof of the user’s most recent travel records in one of its products Q-Wallet. This way the user’s itinerary is verified and further recorded on the QLC Chain with a trusted certificate issued via the operator’s SMS.

The tool is deployed to track the movement of thousands of millions of mobile subscribers of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, and share reliable travel records without disclosing any of the user’s private data.

The recent week has seen a surge in the epidemic cases outside China, especially the infected clusters in South Korea, Italy, Iran… To contain the continual global spread of the deadly virus, Q-Wallet is expected to integrate more counter-Covid-19 relevant services provided by the mobile operators and other service sectors on a global scale.

Itinerary Check feature adopts the blockchain technology for containing the fast-spreading coronavirus epidemic.

The itinerary check feature is now available for Android users. Please download from the Q-Wallet website for the apk.

About Q-Wallet

Q-Wallet is a mobile wallet in the QLC Chain ecosystem which aims to build an open communication resource marketplace globally.

At the first stage, users can recharge mobile plans for all Chinese communication service providers. The tokens generated from token staking in Q-Wallet are used as coupons for mobile plan top-up discount.

Moving forward, Q-Wallet will expand its blockchain-based invoice to digital proofs and credentials of various telecom services, and provide custody service for telecom service billing data assets for the users. It will also add features including one click to login, identity authentication and counter telecom fraud.

QLC Chain

QLC Chain is the Next Generation Public Chain for…

QLC Team

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QLC Team

The first public Chain for decentralized Network-as-a-Service! Visit our website at Twitter @QLCchain

QLC Chain

QLC Chain

QLC Chain is the Next Generation Public Chain for Decentralized Network-as-a-Service. QLC Chain’s mission is to create a secure and trusted environment for telecom services and to narrow down the global digital divide by leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology (DTL).

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