So what’s really involved in a project? Not sure if you have enough time to commit? How do teams work remotely with startups in Asia? See how different members fit in their exciting learning experiences during their busy week! This week, Becky from UNSW shares her content marketing project experience with us.

What was the most rewarding aspect of your project?
The most rewarding aspect was being able to work with such a great team and the project owner and project manager were being very supportive throughout the project. I learnt how to develop a marketing strategy and the work I did was actually being published and evaluated by the owner. The owner was very friendly in answering my questions regarding different aspects of a start-up.

What would you say to someone who’s thinking of applying?
It is a great opportunity to try something different and to work on a project that really interested you. The structure of the project allows you to contribute your ideas and really make an impact to a start-up business.

Becky joined because she’s always wanted to open her own business and really wanted to “experience the actual work and challenges involved in a start-up”. From day 1 to day 7, Becky gives us a little insight into how she worked remotely with startup Made Real in Singapore with her team.

Name: Becky
Occupation: Student @UNSW 
Location: Sydney, Australia
Project: Content Marketing Project @MadeReal

Average class time 15 hrs/wk and individual study 30 hrs/wk
Other commitments: 6–8 hrs/wk
Social activities: Lunch/dinner/drinks with friends 3–4 times/wk
Fitness: Gym 3 sessions/wk


10:57am: Just arrived at uni and I quickly check my Slack messages on my phone before class at 11am. I made a short reply to Roslyn’s (CMO of MadeReal) request while walking to class. (3 minutes)

11:25pm: I always find it efficient to multitask during class to get some “no-brain required” work done. While I’m listening to the lecturer, I quickly go on MadeReal’s Facebook page to review the article I wrote that was posted on its blog and Facebook page late last night (2 hours time differences between Singapore and Australia). Kind of excited to see my first post on its Facebook page! I share the post on my Facebook page and ask a few friends to help liking and sharing it. (10 minutes)

6:12pm: Finally got home from uni. I check Slack and reply my team’s messages. I message my team to arrange for a meet-up for Friday’s meeting at uni (as suggested by Roslyn). We only meet face to face when we think it will help speed up our work. (5 minutes)

10:34pm: I read some of my teammates’ replies and check up on Kim’s (teammate) progress as she is a bit behind schedule due to other commitments. Then I go to the project dashboard shared files page to do a regular progress check and notice Kim just uploaded her second draft. I skim through it and add some comments to her draft. I chat with Kim about it on Slack. (30 minutes)

11:17pm: Before going to bed, I quickly message two of my teammates on WeChat to remind them to make some minor changes to their drafts that was pointed out during yesterday’s meeting. (2 minutes)


2:00pm: Daily Slack check. I reply my team’s question regarding Friday’s meeting and try to book a room at uni’s library. Then I go to the dashboard and check the captions for Kathy’s (teammate) second article. I chat with Kathy on Slack while watching my favourite anime. (15 minutes)

4:08pm: Back home from the gym. I add comments to my teammates’ drafts on the dashboard. Then I check Slack and some of them say they are busy with uni work and are not able to meet up on Friday. Based on the majority, we will just do it online. (15 minutes)

10:34pm: Back home from uni. Super hungry. I check Slack again while having dinner. Since we are near the end of the project, some of my teammates are not clear about the agenda for our next meeting. We have completed the previous three milestones and I suggest that we work together on a quiz as our last task for the project. (10 minutes)


3:00pm: I feel tired from working on my uni assignment so I read my Slack message to change my mood. Roslyn sent me some Facebook statistics regarding my post. Then I move onto doing some research for my second article and to prep for tomorrow’s meeting. I make some final changes to my article. (3 hours)

8:46pm: Just had a really nice dinner with my friends. I read Slack message and Roslyn wanted to change tomorrow’s meeting to 4pm. So I quickly text my teammates to confirm their time. (10 minutes)

10:10pm: I usually try to read the materials for the milestones way before our meetings. But I didn’t have time to read the materials for milestone 4 until now. Before going to sleep, I read the material on my phone while lying in bed. (1 hour)


11:34am: Check Slack to confirm again with the new meeting time. Two members cannot attend today’s call due to other commitments. I quickly notify Roslyn. (5 minutes)

4:00pm: Managed to get some work done for a presentation next week before the meeting. During the meeting, we updated Roslyn about our second articles and she gave us feedback regarding my Facebook post. She told us the result of the “post-reach” boosting function and it was a great lesson for us. Then we talked about our next task. We agreed to work together on one quiz as our final task. Then we brainstormed ideas of the quiz for another 10 minutes and will work on it over the coming week. (35 minutes)

8:41pm: Check Slack and Kim asked about today’s meeting since she missed it. I’m studying for an online quiz tomorrow so I don’t want to get disturbed. I decide to write a recap tomorrow instead. (2 minutes)


11:41am: I take some time to write up a recap for yesterday’s meeting on Slack and to make sure everybody is on the same page. Since it’s week 11 next week and everybody will be busy with their assignments, we are not going to have our regular Monday meeting. So we will have more time to work on the quiz before the meeting on next Friday. I’m so pleased to work with Roslyn because she understood our situation and is very flexible with our progress and schedule. (10 minutes)

1:00pm: Feeling quite stressed because of the upcoming presentation and assignments which are due next week. I’d better go to the gym for a quick workout. Before that, I set up a Google doc for the quiz and type up a rough structure. I text my team to ask them to contribute their ideas to the doc throughout the week. (20 minutes)


2:17pm: Read messages from my teammate, Bonnie. Everything seems fine. I’m going to focus on uni work today. (3 minutes)


4:59pm: Check Slack and answer my teammates’ questions. Everybody seems busy with uni work this week so we push back our discussion to Friday. (10 minutes)

Total 7-day breakdown
Team meetings:
35 min
Working with team: 2 hrs
Personal Learning: 1 hr
Work and research: 3 hrs 30 min
Total = 7 hrs 5 min

Some solid effort from Becky and her team for Made Real. By fitting working and learning around her personal schedule, Becky completed tasks seamlessly and efficiently. More experiences to be shared soon!

Article originally from blog.

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