So what do people really gain from being part of a project? Not sure if you have enough time to commit? How do teams work remotely with startups in Asia? See how different members fit in their exciting learning experiences during their busy week! Bianca from UNSW shares her content marketing project experience with us.

What can you say was the most rewarding aspect of your experience?
Definitely the friendships. My team was my favourite part of the entire process because of the fact we were such different people. We had different nationalities, degrees, experiences but it was because we were so different that the content we produced was also different. Throughout our project, our team formed amazing friendships and this enabled us to work collaboratively. Being named one of the top teams definitely shows the result of our awesome teamwork.

It’s been a few months after you finished your project, what are you up to these days?
It’s now almost the end of semester so right now is the pointy end of things where I am studying for finals, wrapping up my duties for my society and submitting a bunch of internship applications. I recently landed a cadetship so now I am just hoping to spend my last days of freedom chilling and relaxing before full-time work kicks in.

Congratulations on your new job! Do you have any advice for people who are thinking about applying for a project at allows you to put your knowledge into practice and will offer an experience like no other. It has not only allowed me to meet new people, but it is because of that I have been able to land other opportunities too. There is really nothing to lose, so go for it!

Bianca applied for a project with us because she felt that it was a crucial time to look for experience during her last year of her commerce degree. Like many of us, it can be difficult to find an internship you actually want to do. Bianca was impressed with the various options we provided and the opportunity to be in a project with a tech startup from Asia was what really enticed her. From day 1 to day 7, Bianca gives us an insight into how she worked remotely with startup MerryMakr in Singapore.

“Not every student can say they created real-life marketing content for an up-and-coming Singaporean gift and experience company.” — Bianca Lao

Occupation: Student at UNSW
Location: Sydney, Australia
Project: Content marketing project @MerryMaker

University: Monday — Thursday, usually 9am — 6pm.
Social activities: Dinner with friends twice on weekly weeknights and one day on the weekend.
Society and clubs: Usually 4–5 hours a week on meetings and events.

DAY 1:

9:45am: We have a team Skype scheduled at 10am to continue working on our content brief and two content deliverables. Before the meeting, I read through the milestones, content strategy and some previous Slack messages to familiarise myself with what I have to do during the Skype meeting. (15 minutes)

10:00am: Since the team leader, Amelia, had work, I led the meeting with my fellow team members. We powered through the content creation brief and finished one of our content deliverables, a photo look-book on the upcoming Father’s Day event. Since the business owner, Jasper, wanted some direction with his content, we decided to create an editorial calendar for 3 months (June-August) to pass onto his team. (2 hours)

12.20pm: Finished some bits and bobs, like editing and cross-checking references, in our Google document. Sent Amelia a message about our progress from this morning and what needs to be done before our next meeting with Jasper. (30 minutes)

DAY 2:

9:20am: Checked for daily messages from Amelia and the team. sent through an email about setting up our meeting with Jasper so had a look at that and created a Doodle poll to find out availabilities of the group and Jasper for the rest of the week to schedule our last meeting together. (20 minutes)

DAY 3:

8:25am: After checking for team messages and any Slack messages, I found out Amelia jotted down some points for one of our deliverable pieces of content, a blog, so had a look at her document. Decided to schedule a time for tomorrow to expand on her points so we can quickly finish our last piece of content. (15 minutes)

9:30am: While waiting for class, I started working on the introduction of our blog just to get a headstart. It took me a while to collate all the ideas together and form some sentences but in the short amount of time, the introduction and a few sentences of the body were finished. (30 minutes)

DAY 4:

7:55pm: It’s been a hectic week with a lot of assignments being due in the last few weeks of university so have been spending most of my time completing those. Checked up on Slack only just then to finalise our meeting for the end of the week. (15 minutes)

Day 5:

12:00pm: While I was waiting for my bus, I decided to quickly see the updates to our blog and work on it a bit more. Turns out Amelia had added some of her points so I incorporated her few sentences into the conclusion and finished the blog! Told the team to have a look at it and edit before we officially hand it over to Jasper in a few days. (15 minutes)

Day 6:

11:50pm: Since tomorrow’s the meeting with Jasper, I looked over the content we would present tomorrow to make sure everything is completed and correct. Reminded the team and Jasper about the meeting. (10 minutes)

Day 7:

8:30pm: Just before the team Slack meeting, decided to finalise our two bits of content and editorial calendar one last time so it was ready to deliver. Talked to the team and had a little brief about what we were presenting to Jasper and how the meeting would go. Sent Jasper a reminder just a few minutes before the scheduled time meeting. (30 minutes)

9:00pm: Jasper loved the content! Maybe with a few minor tweaks and it will be perfect. He told us comments about the content which we were pretty happy about since we spent so much time on it. The team and Jasper spent some time reflecting on the entire project as a whole, about what our goals were initially and how we came to achieve them towards the end. We said our thank yous and let him know to contact us, even after the project finishes, should he need any help using the content. (1 hour)

Total 7-day breakdown:
Team meetings:
1 hour
Working with team: 2.5 hours
Individual work and research: 2.5 hours
Total = 6 hours

Bianca and her project members were one of the top performing teams . They successfully contributed to MerryMaker’s mission to “empower individuals to create unforgettable experiences for their loved ones”. We’ll have more experiences to be shared soon!

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