How travelling makes you a better entrepreneur

What does it mean for those millennials that are prioritising their spending on travelling over buying cars or investment properties? How does travelling better you not only as a global citizen but also as an entrepreneur? Well travelled individuals are also known as global cosmopolitans as explored by Linda Brimm, author of ‘Global Cosmopolitans’. Jay Meistrich, Co-Founder and CEO of has even found that travelling while working on his startup worked out to be cheaper than living in San Francisco!

“I now have friends all over the world whose life experiences are very different than mine. They bring fresh perspectives to my ideas.” — Jay Meistrich

There are several important traits that global cosmopolitans have as an advantage to become successful leaders and entrepreneurs.

Change is normal

The ability to adapt becomes apparent when travelling consists of constant changes in environment, delays in scheduled flights, and finding your way around in a country with signs you can’t read. Flexibility to morph around different situations can shape entrepreneurs to manage problems while keeping their cool.

Creative thinking

When travelling, there are higher constraints that people need to work around. People then rely on creativity to overcome problems they don’t usually face at the comfort of their home cities. Whether there is a lack of wifi at a certain destination or you’re stuck in a sticky situation, entrepreneurs learn to creatively work with what they’ve got.

Higher emotional intelligence

Global cosmopolitans have greater empathy for a variety of people and situations. Their emotional awareness, ability to control and handle interpersonal relationships makes them better leaders too!

Better communication

With greater cultural awareness, entrepreneurs who are well travelled are able to communicate with people of different backgrounds. The network of relationships built around the world is crucial for global startups and entrepreneurial success.

What’s exciting is that more entrepreneurs are finding success while working as they travel. Digital nomads have been making the most of networking globally with the growing convenience of technology.

“As a travelling entrepreneur, you’re free to live where you want, when you want. Not only can you travel and see the world, but you can spend your time networking and blazing trails on a global scale.” — Drew Hendricks

Violeta, our Business Development Manager at shares 5 lessons she learnt as a global citizen having worked 7 jobs in 4 continents over 7 years. Her lessons on change, emotions and creativity have enabled her to become an awesome entrepreneur herself!

“Never tolerate limitations and always keep pushing yourself” — Violeta Tsolova-Nigoghossian

Press play and learn about Violeta’s experiences!

So whether you are planning your next trip for work or enjoyment, it’s going to make you a better entrepreneur.

Safe travels!

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