Meet the Team: Fei Yao

It all started when our founders Will and Fei decided to conquer their own quarter life crisis and ended up finding a way to help others overcome theirs. They left their corporate jobs and moved to Singapore to start With a growing team of 10 we want to share a bit about us and who we are. We’re all millennials like you. We’ve studied in 4 continents, worked in 8 countries and travelled across over 200 cities. From digital, consulting, gap year, retail, research, training, IT, startups, entrepreneurship, education, fashion to non-profits…We know its hard to find the next thing, so we’re committed to making it easy.

First up, let’s meet Fei our Co-Founder. She has a background in mechanical engineering and finance. Fei then went on to work as a consultant at Accenture where she met Will. She’s lived in Australia and the UK and is currently based in Singapore.

3 words that best describe you? Hard-working, passionate and resourceful.

What do you do at Everything! Currently I am mostly looking after product design.

What was your first job? Private mathematics tutor / Sales @ Cotton On Kids :)

Favourite food? Anything spicy and soupy.

Favourite travel destination? Japan has been amazing for mountains and fast internet so I can explore, eat and work.

What’s the last show or movie you watched? Stranger things. So good.

What do you do outside of work for fun? I like to eat and play games. I recently learned how to play DOTA so I’m currently pretty into that…

What’s the best piece of advice you can give to anyone in their 20s? You probably have about 30–40 years until retirement — make the most of it and stop thinking that it’s too late to start anything now.

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