It all started when our founders Will and Fei decided to conquer their own quarter life crisis and ended up finding a way to help others overcome theirs. They left their corporate jobs and moved to Singapore to start With a growing team of 10 we want to share a bit about us and who we are. We’re all millennials like you. We’ve studied in 4 continents, worked in 8 countries and travelled across over 200 cities. From digital, consulting, gap year, retail, research, training, IT, startups, entrepreneurship, education, fashion to non-profits…We know it’s hard to find the next thing, so we’re committed to making it easy.

Get to know our Co-Founder Will Fan, the other half of He grew up in Sydney and has a background in law. Besides running and selling the dream, he sometimes starts side projects such as Trainers of Pokemon Go. The team are off to the 2016 Web Summit in Lisbon really soon (November 7–10). Will is going to be presenting in the PITCH shortlist selected from over 1000 startups.

Motto/mantra? Hustlers gotta hustle.

Words that best describe you? Charismatic, flexible, friendly, creative, easy going, intuitive and resourceful.

What do you do at Co-founder, Sales. I sell the dream and vision of

Where have you lived in the world? Sydney and Singapore.

What was your first job? Paralegal, at a dodgy Asian law firm on Sussex Street, Haymarket.

Where are you based at the moment? Singapore

Favourite food? Ramen, with extra corn!

Favourite travel destination? I hate flying (although I do it all the time now). I prefer chilling at home. But if I were to pick a destination that changed my life, it would be… Japan!

What’s the last show or movie you watched? Stranger Things — cannot wait for Season 2

What’s the best piece of advice you can give to anyone in their 20s? Take risks and stop following rules!

What are you hoping to gain from the Web Summit? Would love to meet potential university partners across Europe interested in helping students develop startup experience in Asia. Also excited to connect with companies around the world with big ideas to join our community of mentors.

What 3 tips do you have for budding entrepreneurs on pitching? Tell a story, be yourself and try to connect with people in the audience beforehand.

What’s the best thing about your job? I get to talk to the smartest people in the world everyday, about how they’re solving the hardest problems out there.

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