DataStreamX is on a mission to unleash the power of the world’s data “for weather, traffic, finance and more”. Founded by Mike Davie, they’ve created a digital marketplace for live data streaming of data created by and for IoT, M2M and Big Data applications. DataStreamX began over a year ago from being a part of Singapore’s leading accelerator JFDI just like us. Navas Khan was the startup’s first employee and leads marketing for the brand and is responsible for the digital marketing activities for DataStreamX as well as connecting data suppliers and consumers. Before joining DataStreamX, Navas was involved in the startup industry through his experience at JDFI. Having studied at the London School of Economics and Political Science, Navas has a background in electronics engineering and business management.

After running some successful projects at, we wanted to share more about what DataStreamX is about and what working with “some of the world’s most diverse data sets” is like. Here’s what Navas had to share with us.

Name: Navas Khan
Occupation: Marketing Lead at DataStreamX
Location: Singapore
Interests: Comedy, fitness, photography and tech

What are the most common types of data suppliers and consumers that you work with?

We are industry-agnostic. We do want to work with all types of vendors, but some vendors would need more time to bring onboard the platform. Seeing that we have a business (with finite resources), we decided to focus on financial data providers for the time being. Them, among a few others right now.

What is your outlook on big data and real-time data?

I have two opinions on this. Big data is here to stay, and other is that the end of big data is near. I know it sounds confusing. Bear with me for a moment while I explain.

  1. Big Data is here to stay means that companies have realised that ignoring the data is a foolhardy thing to do — there’s just too much to lose by not becoming competitive using the data.
  2. The end of big data is near. The second phrase is a bit of a misnomer — companies will use the data that is actionable. This actionable data is obtained from the stash of “big data” they have. In other words, to me, the term “Big Data” refers to the phenomenon/trend of using data for improving performance whereas the term “actionable data” refers to the data that is actually used in making decisions.

What’s the best piece of advice you can give to anyone in their 20s?

Keep learning, and be in tuned with IT. Learning to code will come in handy for the foreseeable future — be it personally or professionally. Look for mentors that you can work with and learn from. Read extensively and get inspired.

What qualities do you look for in candidates and potential employees?

Willingness to adapt to new approaches and experiences. Being open about what they know and don’t have as much experience in always helps — shows a sign of maturity.

What has your team gained from leading projects with

Helping students to learn something new while getting our deliverables done.

Want to find out more about getting into startups? Listen to the conversation between Will and Navas as he shares his experience about how he landed a job at a startup.

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