Industry 4.0: Turning Challenges into Competitive Advantage — Workshop Report

Aravind Chinchure
Jan 3 · 4 min read
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QLeap Academy, along with its program partners Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC), Software Export Association of Pune (SEAP) and Asia Power Quality Initiative (APQI), organised a one-day workshop on Industry 4.0: Turning Challenges into Competitive Advantage in Navi Mumbai. The objective was to accelerate participants understanding on why and how Industry 4.0 solutions should be built by businesses.

  • Well attended with more than 30 participants with experience in diverse sectors and functions such as Manufacturing, Sourcing, IT, Product Development, Business Development and Consulting.
  • Participants profile included Technology Leaders, Management Leaders, Decision Makers, Designers, Consultants.


Dr. Aravind Chinchure, Founder and CEO of QLEAP Academy provided his perspective of Industry 4.0 opportunity for India along with its associated challenges. While welcoming the participants, his thought-provoking question was “Are we really ready?”.

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  • An intense workshop designed to deliver maximum experience.
  • Multiple sessions included interactive lectures on I4.0 for Manufacturing & Supply Chain with real life cases.
  • One session for I4.0 Digital stack and sensors.
  • Group activity simulating I4.0 Opportunity Identification at the intersection of manufacturing, supply chain and digitalisation.

Dr. Donato Masi — Operations and Supply Chain Management expert from Aston Business School and QLEAP consulting partner, engaged the participants through his sessions interlaced with awareness discussions, experience sharing and answering some pointed questions by attendees.

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  • Detailed discussion on emerging trends, needs for smart factories and supply.
  • Participants shared experience to discover future opportunities
  • Dr Masi’s deep experience in Academic Research as well as consulting with leading manufacturing organisations had a slice of learning for every participant.

Our experts Mr. Ashutosh Parasnis and Mr. Gautam Morey discussed the elements of Digital technology that help in designing System of Systems that can be built from sensors on the shop floor all the way to Enterprise Systems.

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  • Discussions about how machines can be made Smart and Connected
  • Every group had a sensor kit, with multiple sensors along with a brief description of their application
  • Deliberations on the role of Data Analytics as well as emerging technologies such as Block Chain
  • Impact of I4.0 disruption on the organisation — new talent needs, product design, production process, digital culture etc

In parallel to lecture and discussions, the participants were engaged through two sessions of group activity. Using a caselet, the stimulating task was to apply the learning to the given case and identify one Industry 4.0 Opportunity.

  • To guide participants to the process of simulating I4.0 solution building, a solution building tool was presented.
  • The tool guided them to identify a ROI linked opportunity/problem, define a POC using technology elements, visualise the impact of new approach on existing business, determine change initiatives needed and define criteria to scale successful POC.
  • After some intense group discussions, participants shared there Industry 4.0 solution concepts.

Building an Industry 4.0 culture is a change management initiative for organisations. The last session of the workshop was presenting QLEAP’s maturity assessment framework and tools that can help organisations chart their future course and manage it.

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The day ended on a note that pleasantly surprised us. The participants were spontaneous and gracious in thanking QLEAP faculty, especially Dr Donato Masi for an immersive workshop.

We thank our all program partners and participants for this successful workshop.

Inspired by the higher order definition of ACADEMY which is “A society of learned persons organised to advance Arts, Science or Literature”, QLeap Academy aims to accelerate Industry 4.0 capability development for Organisations and Individuals. Our Mission is to enable individuals and organizations with 21st century skills and competencies to achieve quantum growth.

We achieve this through a portfolio spanning Accelerated and Immersive Workforce Development, Innovation led Solution building, Readiness Assessment Tools, Industry Research and Consulting.

QLeap Academy

Creating 21st Century Professionals

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